What Is The Best Food For Breakfast?

Calvin F.
When it comes to morning food I always say “a good breakfast depends on how much time you have”
If you’re looking for something quick the perfect go to is Porridge, I also like to add Linseed to mine, to help boost it with extra nutrients.

If you have more time in the morning I like to go for a cooked breakfast…… Toasted wholewheat bagel topped with avocado (season with lime juice and cayenne pepper for extra flavour) turkey sausages, scrambled egg and baked beans. Yum! x

Hector F.
I really this depends on the person but I would say definitely something that gives your body some protein. I like to have on certain morning just some toast with peanut butter and sliced almonds, some morning I want eggs and toast, some mornings I just grab some fruit and there’s mornings where I’ll make a smoothie with plant protein and real fruits and veggies with Almond or coconut milk.
Wayne Z.
I recently had an omelet with spinach, onions, and tomatoes. It was filling and delicious! I also had a piece of toast with butter. A solid meal for sure. Good luck on your journey!
Suzanna E.
Something that is light, quick to make and high in protein. My go to is oats cereal. I add apples to it, something sweet and crunchy with oats you know. Sometimes I end up eating chocolate cereals (love chocolate lol). But everyone is different. I can't have anything heavy in the morning as it makes feel nauseous so I eat cereal. So yeah key things to remember: easy to make, light and high protein.
Gretl J.
Oatmeal + cinnamon + nutmeg + banana (and/or some other fruit) + handful of nuts (I like walnuts). I do rolled oats on the stove: boil 1c water, add 1/2c rolled oats, simmer for 6-7 min, stirring occasionally. Then just add in all your mix ins and some soymilk (or almond or whatever) and you're good to go! Healthy and very filling.
Andy O.
I’d say something nutritional. On the grounds of oatmeal, maybe some plant based foods. A fruit or vegetable smoothie would be nice as well. A well balanced breakfast with fruit,grains, and protein. These are some of the “best breakfast” that I could come up with.
Lois O.
I think omelets are great. You get quality protein from the eggs and you can add a wide variety of vegetables or cheese. They taste amazing with salsa, toast or all on their own. Often times I make huevos a la mexicana which is similar to an omelet. It's sautéed onion, tomato and jalapeños and then you add in your eggs. I like them scrambled eaten with corn tortillas but you can make it like an omelet.
Gloria R.
I would say it depends a lot on the individual's state of health. In my case the best food for breakfast is egg and old fashion low calorie bread, which is thin and crispy yet nutritious.
You need to find out what works best for your body. Eating the same kind of food every day can be boring, so make sure you have several choices.
Bob S.
Anything healthy and quick such as overnight oats or oatmeal, scrambled eggs or breakfast burritos or sandwiches made ahead. You could just pull them put of the freezer and warm them up! You could also make omelet bites in muffin tins and freeze them as well. Pull them out to thaw and you could eat them cold or warm them up too 😁
Jesse E.
Something light like wheat crates like weetabix or toast with butter with or separate with eggs which could be boiled or scrambled
Valentine U.
Well, hey bro (regardless of your gender), I guess basing it on what they've said and things we have been built to know, I can only answer this by saying that there is no "best food" for breakfast. Yeh. It's a mixture of things. From having healthy and sustainable fruits, such as apple or banana, to extra brain foods, such as nuts and seeds (which also help with digestion if ever), to maybe some protein in the morning such as eggs. If to desire a quick meal, I'd suggest health cereal? Mix in some fruits and nuts to the mix and that should hold you(: healthy cereal can consist of things such as granola, wheat, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, etc. Anywhoo bro, you don't need me to tell you this. You already know this! It's all within youuu! So stop doubting and start acting(; much love x
Flora Z.
I think everything is the best food for breakfast as long as it's healthy. Sometimes I breakfast with a plain yoghurt or a hand of mixed nuts, but mostly I consume a banana. The thing is, don't too early and too late to get breakfast, you've lunch tho.
Liva F.
For me, eggs are the best food for breakfast. They are quick and easy but can be prepared different ways so you don’t get too tired of eating the same meal. They have tons of protein so you feel full for longer too!
Noa O.
The "best" food for breakfast is something you enjoy! Making sure your breakfast is something you like is a surefire way to make sure that your new habit – making and eating a healthy breakfast every day – is sustainable. For me, that breakfast is savory oatmeal with diced veggies and a sunny side up egg! For you, it might be a fruit smoothie, or bacon with whole wheat toast, or even a stir fry! Choose something simple and delicious, and enjoy your morning.
Eliana F.
Freshly made healthy meals that have a lot of long lasting energy. This includes oats, fruit, carbs, grains, greens and protein.
Ngelo Q.
I think the best food for breakfast is something filling and nutritious. I opt for oats and have porridge with fruit as I stay full. Egg on toast is full of protein
Nina S.
Savory oatmeal with eggs. I like oatmeal with milk and everything but the bagel seasoning topped with two no oil "fried" eggs
Valdemira Y.
Something that's delicious and nutritious. I like eggs and spinach with cheese. Toast is for carbs. I also like yogurt, fruit, & steel cut oats. Brown sugar makes this taste better. A banana and peanut butter with rice milk is good for something quick.
Freddie B.
There is nothing better than something light and fresh, lots of fruits and a bowl of porridge. A glass of orange Juice and water and I'm all set for the day!
Kornelia U.
The best food for breakfast is eggs with a side of fruit or veggies-preferably both. This way you have a balanced meal that includes the much needed prototype get you through the day.
Sofia G.
I like to eat eggs and whole grain toast and fruit. OR I’ll have a protein smoothie with fruit. I like to start my day with healthy calories and nutrition that will build muscle, keep me from cravings, and give me energy.
Nanna A.
I love eggs. Ie protein fat and larger carb source to hopefully not eat as much carbs at dinner especially bc I workout In the am.
Mathilde Y.
Food with lots of protein. Yogurt with berries is a good idea. I tend to go with a wholewheat wrap cut in half. Half of which used for a chicken wrap and the other half used with protein chocolate spread. All this with a chai tea with 1tbs honey.
Friedlinde T.
Breakfast foods that are high in protein and low in fat and sugar are the best. Try a fruit like bananas or apples, eggs, or a handful of mixed nuts.
Leonard E.
The best food is prepared beforehand in my mind. That way I reflected about it at a time where I wasnt stressing to get out the door. Preparing food always makes me want to prep healthy things, as a favour for my future self
Sam X.
For me the best and easiest food to have for breakfast is either oatmeal with apple or boiled eggs with a fruit. Pretty easy and fast to make and it holds the hunger for a long time.
Samuel U.
The things that you like to eat, choose which also is healthy. You will then have a breakfast that is both healthy and you love.
Nanna Z.
Eggs! They are tasty and can be prepared lots of different ways if you want variety. They are quick and easy and give me the protein boost to start my day.
Clifford P.
I think the best food contains two kind of fruits, oatmeal, a piece of bread, some vegetables, milk or yogurt and egg , a cup of coffee.
Dave Z.
I don't have a lot of time in mornings so on the weekends I make egg muffins. The last batch was bacon and bell peppers, SO yummy! I pop one in the microwave for 15 second and I'm out the door!
Bassarme B.
For me the best breakfast is oatmeal + eggs + some fruit. This provides energy for the day, it's easy to cook and easy to digest.