What are your top 3 breakfast meals?

Eliot Y.
I love pancakes/waffles with scrambled eggs and some bacon.
My next fave includes a smoothie with banana, milk peanut butter and oats. Followed by two slices of toast with avocado or Nutella.
Lastly, I love a good tuna sandwich. I usually have a glass of yogurt as well.
Retabile M.
Well due to lockdown my dietary habits have changed regarding to when I eat and what I eat. My breakfast tends to be later on in the day. Some days a warm bowl of oats and some fruit does some justice or scrambled eggs and some toast always hits the spot and sometimes a cup of black coffee and fruit is all I need.
Maike U.
Granola with nuts + coconut yoghurt (non dairy)
Eggs and baked beans
Poached eggs on brown bread with smashed avocado, mushrooms and grilled tomato
Deborah Z.
Eggs, cereal, and honestly whatever is easiest. I'm not a morning person, so the idea of getting up and cooking every morning is unrealistic. However, when I do I have time, eggs are my go to meal. When I have an abundance of time, I like to cook sausage and biscuits. However, when there is no time, I usually opt for cereal.