Have you any practical tips for making a healthy, energising breakfast more convenient or easy to achieve?

Nathan E.
Wash the dishes you'll need to make the breakfast the night before and leave them out at night. Buy whatever ingredients you need in bulk (I buy 18+ eggs at a time). Be consistent with what you eat so you can develop a system to make everything quickly (I turn on the stove, get everything out on the counter, start toasting my English muffin, throw the eggs in the pan, etc.)

Lelan U.
Make your breakfasts early! I make sandwiches (whole wheat bread, some veggies, fried eggs) or overnight oats (milk, rolled oats, fruit, 10g peanut butter, 10g chia seeds) for breakfast, and I make everything from Monday to Friday on Sunday, and I prepare my Saturday/Sunday breakfasts on the day, since I have less to do during the weekend.

Tadeusz T.
You can include in your breakfast eggs or oats. With them you can have so many combination. With eggs you can have many vegetables and if you choose oats you can eat fruits and honey and the breakfast will be great.

Gianluca E.
Hi! In the end… Some hoats +yogurt +banana +raisins+nuts+a spoon of honey works the best for me. I buy the ingredients in quantity and assemble them easily in a bowl.

Domingos P.
I try to make my breakfast the night before. I also try to think of other healthy options that I can just grab and go with and I always have my keurig ready to go

Ken C.
Always make it as easy as possible! I put all the berries, bananas, and protein in my blender cup then set it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, and your favorite milk blend it up and voila, Smoothie!

Nathaniel F.
Have breakfast planned the night before. If it is oatmeal and eggs for breakfast, have it ready to go. The pressure to not cook in the morning comes when you become overwhelmed. Prep the night before and you cut down on the work in the morning