Do you have any breakfast suggestions for people allergic to milk?

Antonino O.
i like to use fairlife milk, it's lactose free and tastes the closest to milk that i've found. they make multiple different fat percentages too just like normal milk!
Stephanie R.
If you have allergies to milk, you could always switch to juice, coffee or tee while replacing milk with other calcium rich ingredients.
You also have the option of drinking almond milk or vanilla flavoured soya milk.
Morgan X.
An omelette! I usually put cheese on mine but that won’t work in this case, but really you can put anything you want on an omelette for a tasty, milk free, protein-rich breakfast!
Montoyia Z.
Pancakes without eggs or milk. This one is easy and I love pancakes. Even though I don't have any food allergies I still tried them with a friend. You can find the recipe at kids with food allergies
Julie F.
Yes, have you tried having your cereal with unsweetened vanilla almondmilk? It's only 35 calories per cup, has calcium, and tastes sweet.

I also like to make smoothies using one cup unsweetened vanilla almondmilk, 2/3 cup frozen blueberries , handful of fresh or frozen spinach. So good!

C Dric N.
Fruit juice (look for pure juice, not with concentrate). It’s delicious with cornflakes and muesli. If it’s too sweet for you, try grapefruit juice. Apple or pear juice with bread and cheese is a bliss
El Na T.
Depending on the type of breakfast that you normally have, I would suggest:
– Quick and light: banana with cinnamon and a touch of sugar (Depending on the ripeness of the banana). Add some soft/hard boiled eggs fpr protein if wanted. This will provide fibres, natural sugars and the cinnamon will also act as a thermogenic.
– Long breakfast: make a bread using 2 eggs, 2 full tablespoons of almond flour and 2 teaspoons of ground linseed. Mix everything and pan fry/ place in an omelette maker. Gluten free, dairy free and great to start the day with energy
Hannah J.
even if you're lactose intolerant, there's still lactose free milk alternatives like almond milk or oat milk. If you don't like the taste of those then there's also fruit bars or cereal bars, oat meal, fruit, toast with peanut butter or jelly or lactose free butter and so much more
Wolf F.
A tea or juice with fresh fruit. I don’t like tea, specially at breakfast time, but sometimes I make hybiscus tea at night and drink it cold in the morning and during the day as well.
William U.
One of the best breakfast food items, in my opinion, are eggs. They are easy to make and full of protein. However, if you are looking to replace dairy milk I would recommend trying the plant-based products such as cashew milk, oat milk, almond milk, etc. They will definitely work in your cereal!
Josefine W.
You can always try vegan milk, with cereal or in pancakes. I recommend you try more than one kind until you find the one that you like best.
Anyway, my personally favorite breakfast is boiled oat flakes (cook them as you would with rice), with honey, some ground nuts and a fruit (i prefer bananas, but others can do too).
I hope my answer was helpful. Have a great day! 🙂
Giulia A.
There are so many options! If it is a lactose allergy you can opt for lactose free products (milk, yogurt, quark…) Otherwise vegan "milk" and similar. You can also choose a salty breakfast with eggs and vegetables or a bowl of fruit salad. Plenty of option! I personally follow an app to give ideas.
Cecilie W.
Milk is a good source of protein and calcium in the body. Dairy-free healthy breakfast ideas for me would be Oatmeal, eggs with avocado e.t.c
Janet F.
a traditional Japanese breakfast consisting of steamed rice, miso soup, a protein such as grilled fish, and a vegetable side dish
Caroline E.
Outmeal with some type of fruit, apple, bluberry, orange, banana; anything you like and have at home works. Apple with cinnamon is really delicious.
L Via S.
Juice, black coffee, tea or smoothie are good options to be intercalated through the week. Eat a fresh fruit instead of drinking something.
Teddy G.
I usually use milk substitutes or have fruit, granola bars, sausage, or eggs. There’s a lot of options even sticking to standard breakfast foods, and you don’t have to do that either.
Maurice N.
most of the time I don't breakfast, because I'm not hungry and if i eat I'm sick afterwards hehe. but if I do breakfast, I love oatmeal, either hot or overnight oats. oats, plant milk – soya, almonds, coconut etc., and cacao powder, or you can add nut butter. another breakfast that I love is toast or avocado toast with scrambled eggs. there are a couple more meals that i can think about, but this is enough for now hehe😃, hope this helps, and remember that even tho I don't know you, I'm proud of you, I love you and keep smiling!❤️
Nicholas J.
Yes, anything organic like orange juice, apple juice for drinking is delicious. There's many foods to try like egg on toast or bananas on pancakes
Martina Y.
I use non dairy milk in my vegan protein shake with spinach frozen berries and hemp seed and flax seed. I also eat lots of fruit and granola. Like apple sauce and fruit cups. Or banana and peanut butter