What do you do if you don’t have the ingredients for a healthy breakfast in the fridge that morning?

Sofia P.
The Fabulous gives you examples of many, many foods you can eat! Maybe you don't have a load of healthy things, but maybe you have, for example, a banana, an apple or some protein bars. Also, there is an option to receive a notification the day before, to remind you of buying something good for breakfast. Start small!
Anni X.
Often I see what I have and what I can make with it even if it’s not super healthy or I will eat something that isn’t really a “breakfast food” but is still health
Helena F.
I look for other healthy foods in the dispensation, if I don't find anything thing I eat what it haves, but always with a fruit
Aphiwe Z.
Good question. This would be a good time to have oatmeal in the household. It has very few ingredients and quick to make and fills you up. If you don’t have honey, sugar will do jus the job. You can never go wrong with oatmeal.
Ariana O.
I typically will run and get something from somewhere if money and time allows. If not, honestly sometimes I consider myself out of luck but I’ll try to find something to eat as soon as I can.
Amy Y.
Sometimes I don’t have the ingredients in the fridge. When this happens I try to think of alternatives to hold me over until I can get something healthy. My first step is to drink water and see if that helps buy some time. I try to have a few snacks in hand also. I think it’s helpful to also put healthy snacks and options in multiple places. I’m brainstorming places to put such things in my car, at the office and just on hand at home. Some things that have recently saved me is having nuts and fruits and veggies. I’ve found that even a few small chocolate chips don’t push the limit on something sweet but can go along way until other options are available.
Liberto N.
I make something even if it’s not considered a breakfast food. You can still eat a stir fry or a salad any time of day! I’d say it’s really important to have ingredients on hand that you can turn into a lot of things
Audrey T.
It's much better to spend some extra time on going to the nearest supermarket to buy some nice and healthy food than eating cookies and coffee (or other junk food which will make you hungry and tired in an hour)

If going to the supermarket is not an option, I prefer not to have breakfast at all and just drink more water. Then I have an early lunch.

Isabel O.
Don’t worry about it it’s fine, still eat something and make it as healthy as possible. That day buy some fruit or something healthy so you can be prepared tomorrow.
Lanette O.
Improvise! I’ve eaten salad or dinner leftovers for breakfast. A can of tuna or salmon and an egg will do. If you really have nothing then hit the corner store for yogurt, cheese, fruit or a protein drink. Most coffee shops offer healthful choices.