What do you do when you don’t have time for breakfast?

Louka O.
I usually pop some bread in the toaster and grab a slice of cheese to put in it. Then I might grab an apple or other piece of fruit and water.
Emilie A.
I always took some food to take it with me a long the way to go school. If I doesn't have time to prepare for the food. I will buy some. I wouldn't let myself go to school with an empty stomach. We need energy to start our day !
Roswita W.
Usually when I don't have time to prepare a breakfast I grab a banana and an apple and if I don’t have time for that I bring a banana and an apple to where it is im going for example to school and I eat my breakfast in the morning break
Florence T.
When I don't have time in the morning, I try to find time as soon as possible to fit in a meal, however small it may be, so I can just get some food in my body. Usually before Lunch.