Is it okay to drink tea with breakfast? Or does it kill the iron in your body?

Gusti X.
I do not know exactly whether it kills the iron in your body or not, but I have been drinking tea with breakfast basically for all my life, and I have never had an issue related to iron (deficiency…).
Anna Maria E.
That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. Drink water, tea, coffee, whatever. Don't drink alcohol. Try and not have high sugar drinks like soda or juice
Erin F.
Hmm. Well, if you're prone to anemia or other iron deficiency, maybe skip it or take doctor approved iron supplement, but I don't think a cup of tea with breakfast will do much harm. Eat lots of green and leafy veggies to help out, and I think it should be fine. Not a doctor, just a fan of tea haha.