What’s the best breakfast someone should eat?

Mae F.
The best breakfast is full of vitamins and minerals. It should contain a little bit of meat,a lot of vegetables and some yogurt. It ought to be varied. At the end I prefer little dessert like little piece of pie or two/three chocolate cubes.
Timmothy E.
A good breakfast should have some protein, should be easy to access or prepare, it should be simple or something you are comfortable with. But most importantly it must be tasty enough that you look forward to eating it so that it becomes one of your morning motivators getting you out of bed. Personally I like either overnight oats with some fruit and yogurt or a bowl of yogurt with tasty protein powder, (makes like a mousse ). Other easy options are a quick smoothie or yogurt parfait or quick pancakes with yogurt and berries or fruit.
Ntokozo M.
Wheat bix with banana and blue berries and milk with a little bit of sugar or toasted bread with half done eggs and avocado and bacon and a smoothie or a milkshake or juice or tea or coffee or water