Quick breakfasts if you like something warm in the morning?

Arin F.
Oatmeal with fruit like bananas (it can be thinned and blended)
Toast/Bun/or any bread you can warm or toast that has flavor by itself (you can still put toppings )

I usually don't eat or eat any warm (and unfortunately greasy) cheap snack I can get on the way, like meat pies, empanadas, muffins, and others.

Some stores sell very cheap on the go breakfasts. Some are healthy but most are regular. Breakfast burritos (eggs, beans, cheese, meat and cream) are the most filling.

They aren't typically healthy or small but they are quick to get. If you want a homemade healthy quick breakfast while still being warm, have something premade (like oatmeal you only have to heat) or something instant (like oatmeal from a microwavable packet). Or you can have something room temp while just adding a warm drink like tea.

Susan U.
I enjoy oatmeal. Its easy and can be made in like 10 min. And while its cooking you can get your other stuff ready for the morning. An omelette is really nice too!
T Rkan O.
Hot oatmeal. You can set it out the night before and just 1m30 in microwave. I do 1/3 cup oats to a little more milk than that, a pinch of salt, dried fruit and brown sugar