I work graveyard shifts and wake up at 9 pm. For me, breakfast is late night, does anyone else have an unusual breakfast hour? If so, is your breakfast a traditional one or more like a dinner type meal?

Juanita S.
I'm not that unusual but actually i was started my day around 11 am. And the good breakfast for me is rice, chicken, egg, vegetables. It's gonna fill me up until next 6 hours

Irene A.
A light breakfast to not make you sleepy but make sure it contains protein to make you full such as eggs or oats and milk.

Jaylenne F.
Hmmm… mine is consider as tradisional one. But anyway, as long as you feed your body nutrients and keep it hydrated,byright your body will be fine 🙂

Elisabete A.
No matter what our first day of the meal is, our body still stays the same in terms of metabolism. For many people light dinner works for them. Personally, if I have situation like that, I go light on my first meal of the day. Heavy on lunch and again a bit light for dinner. Of course my meal plan throughout the day is accompanied by snacks like nuts and fruits or just plain black coffee.

Hope this helps and remember to listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs.

Lana Q.
If your day begin at 9pm, I think that the best breakfast you can take is a traditional one.
It's not because you wake up late at night that it changes everything. It's kind of the same thing. The dinner is at the end of the "day". The breakfast, at the beginning.

Mikaela Z.
My schedule varies. I typically work one or two super late nights a week which have me then sleeping until noon & those days I don't eat until 1. It's tricky to get a routine this way!

Megan Z.
I have unusual hours and I focus on meals that give me the fuel I need. This includes a healthy fat like eggs, avocado or salmon, lightly cooked veggies like spinach and a healthy, gluten free carb like banana or brown rice. My energy is sustainable and I have fewer cravings!

Kasper C.
Fruit is a good way to start breakfast . It’s easier to digest. Makes you more alert.
So I prep a bunch of favorites in containers like a salad and add chopped nuts just before eating. Grapefruit, bananas watermelon, berries and oranges .
Mid morning try a chicken salad with apples walnuts and dried cranberries

Corlil Z.
Recently, I have been teaching from 5PM-12MN. But I'm having a hard time sleeping so I sleep around 4 or 5AM. Then when I wake up, it's already time for lunch or way past lunch. Now, I bought a melatonin supplement online to drink before I sleep to try and improve my quality of life hoping that I will sleep right after my classes and wake up by 8AM.

Jennifer O.
I try to get my workout in the morning so I don’t have a consistent time for breakfast. Sometimes it’s just a yogurt or, if it’s closer to brunch, I tend to eat a regular lunch kind of meal. I think as long as it fits your needs to get you through your “morning,” that’s all that matters.

Anurag W.
We cannot change some situations. It might not be possible for you to change the job or get your shift changed. However, do your best to utilise the time you have in your day. Breakfast has nothing to do with morning or evening or after dawn. It literally means breaking fast after 7-8 hrs of sleep. It can happen at any time.

Dorian F.
My lunch is my breakfast. I do intermittent fasting so whatever I have is what I count towards breaking my fast aka breakfast.

Sylvie A.
You are doing great. Keep on, imagine we are on a different time zones, yes our schedules don't really matter, it maybe 9pm for you and where I am it could be 9am…..and that's still great you know☺️

Vernon Y.
I don’t have an unusual breakfast hour. However, I encourage you to eat whatever feels best. Eat for fuel but also don’t forget that food can’t be pleasure.

Elen E.
I always have a breakfast which is a dinner for most of the people. In the morning, after 1 hour since I wake up, will have pasta, chicken, bacon and eggs, cheese… Bread… And fruits as dessert. Something like that, something that people have during the day or as dinner, not at breakfast. And for me that savory salted (not sweet/cake) type of breakfast is the best ever. It doesn't depend on the time hours of the day, it's about getting energy from healthy food.

Miss X.
At that hour your body's organ clock is beginning to slow its metabolic rate. I suggest a filling spinach salad or similar

Gabriela N.
I've always liked having my wake up time early in the morning, and going seelping early at night. I love going to sleep thinking about my delicious breakfast I'm going to have in the morning, coffee, eggs, fruit, pancakes, toast, juice. I'm very traditional in this sense.

Melvin S.
I’ve had unconventional hours like this is the past. Personally, I don’t think foods should have designated times. Just eat a nutritious meal that you’re excited about! I never eat eggs in the morning because I think they’re boring and bland so then I’m not excited about the day. Just eat whatever is “your food,” the time of day that is technically your breakfast shouldn’t matter. Just make sure it’s nutritious and will fill you up for your “day”!

Shevont X.
Hey guys, I'm new to this app and was wondering i decided to healthy but not on a diet healthy so what are some breakfast options you guys like to eat and thank you 🤍