What are some good low-carb breakfasts? My doctor is telling me to eat less grains and carbs and I’m finding it really difficult, especially when I’m on the go.

Tommy J.
A protein rich breakfast may be more suitable for you, it's low carb but still keeps you full for a long time. Eggs, cheese or ham. Also you can add fruit or nuts to your breakfast to make it more nutritious.
Emma C.
Try replacing carbs with more nutrient-rich foods! Almond flour instead of regular flour, snap pea crisps instead of chips, and many more options
Righteous V.
Due to the lack of job I’m able to get a hot tea and bread for breakfast and I’m grateful for that I wish I could afford better breakfast for myself
Jessie J.
Eggs are an awesome low-carb food. They’ve also got tons of protein and are fairly low-calorie, which means they’ll keep you fuller with less.