How do you resist the urge to join others eating sweets like donuts, muffins and other baked goods? They can look, smell and taste really good…

Alma F.
No one forced u to eat anything sweet it's u putting in yur stomach, u can eat muffins do it gluten free ,cake, donuts watch the calorie intake,bake yur own and eat healthier.
Alexis E.
Im one of the lucky ones. Sweets I can easy walk away from. If we were talking about carbs like a croissant I would walk away. I cant be at a place where I'm triggered.
Birgitta H.
Think deeply about your Why, you have come far to this point so it would be more painful to have those sweet things and suffer because you did than simply avoiding them. If you can, bring your own healthy snacks and show them who's the boss!
Freddie T.
I am not a "sweet" person, but when that happens, I do not resist 🙂 I just eat one small piece to taste the sweetness and that's enough for me. Just keep a balance. Do not stop yourself from eating goodies, just do not overeat and avoid eating unhealthy snacks or foods the same day
Terra S.
I reflect on what my body really need. Is it just a craving because of seeing people eating sweets or just because I have some sweets in front of me ? Or does my body tell me that I really feel hungry ?
In the 1st case then, I will make my mind strong and refuse to eat one of those delicious treats. Because I know that if I fell into the temptation, I will feel happy in the moment but soon after that, I wi regret my choice. I will feel bad and tell myself that I don't have any force. But if I can resist, I know that the day I will eat that donuts, or muffin, or else, I will feel incredibly happy. Because it was something I really wanted and, my body told me I was hungry. So no shame and just savour that delicious tender sweet.
It can be very hard to resist the urge of joining people eating sweets. But don't forget you are a powerful person, you make your own choices, you live your very own life so, whatever you choose to do, join or not, don't forget to just enjoy your time. You don't have to feel any regrets or to shame yourself. You are wonderful and you are doing great things. Don't forget that.
Bruk W.
I like eat them from time to time because it's normal that we need Sugar, but no one should eat them too much and that's my opinion
Μαρια Αρχοντουλη N.
First of all I make sure that they are never available! Often when I am happy I feel the urge to reward myself with one of them but since I rarely eat sugar I think about the painful result in my body afterwards and that keeps me away. I just go for a small walk with my dog and treat myself with a different sweetness. No matter how cheesy it may sound. The sweetness of beautiful moments is far better than the one of a muffin. If no matter what I want that muffin, I make a healthy alternative at home. Once in a while you also deserve that doughnut, but think, is a doughnut more worth that your health and your life?
Basma A.
Keeping myself distant and resistant to sweets by imagining my future self in its best way motivates me to keep my promise not to eat sugar.
Julie A.
I do occasionally have a sweet treat. I find that if I don't allow myself any treats I will gore on them, once a bad craving hits. Moderation is key.
Umme N.
I have a sweet tooth so I can relate to this situation. What I do is that I satiate myself beforehand with healthy sweet dishes instead of starving myself of everything sweet. This way when I come across not so healthy sweet options I don't give in the temptations.
Amalia Z.
Well first of all, I don't really like to eat doughnuts or anything related or look like a cake. So it won't be a problem to reject all those kind of food
Logan Y.
That’s a tough question cuz they are good, even candy. But to not eat them, I would say have like a routine that helps prevent those. I would suggest water, tea, caffeine of any sort. Or meditate and yoga also trains your brain not to eat them. Read a novel of suspense. Or have pizza or pasta without the dessert. It’s not bad to still eat sweets. I have a habit of eating them every now and then.
Clastra S.
First of all think about your goals. Think about what you want to achieve and think about how much guilt you would feel if you were to succumb to desire. Is a donut worth throwing away all you have been working for? Is momentary pleasure better than feeling good about yourself and your achievements? You are much stronger than temptation. Second of all, try to replace unhealthy sweets with fruit. If everyone is eating donuts for example and you are in a cafe or at someone’s house ask for your favorite fruit. Fruit is also sweet and very tasty but much healthier. If you get used to it and don’t see it as a punishment you could enjoy it and even start to prefer it to hyper caloric sweets.
Judy Q.
It is always hard at the first time but after that you will control your self, you can always have a small bite, and you can start by eating less every time.
Varlene Q.
Eat something else as soon as you can to reduce the craving. Filling yourself up on stuff that’s not bad for you will reduce cravings by a lot
Sundas Z.
I do eat all of these but I do so in small doses. Dont torture yourself. Enjoy the life. Take bits of what you love.
Additional tips:
Commit to yourself that you'll only eat what you cook/bake yourself.
Bake above mentioned things not more than once a week at beginning and make it like once a month. If you dont have access to these sweets you won't eat these.