Can you suggest a quick and easy healthy breakfast?

Danielle W.
A smoothy always works but for some you who may still be hungry you can have along with the smoothy banana pancackes or pancackes, avocado toaste or hashbrowns. The smoothy just makes sure you get a fruit in your diet.
Shreya T.
If you are not on the go, then a tasty and easy breakfast is oats with milk or yogurt, a chopped banana and a bit of cinnamon. If you are looking for something on the go, preparing something the night before, such as a wrap, would be a good idea as you can just grab this and eat it on the way to school or work.
Seth P.
Fruit is great to get an initial boost of energy and peanut butter helps to prolong it, so I like to eat a combination of these in the mornings. If I know I'll be in a rush in the morning I'll prepare overnight oats the night before, otherwise yogurt/granola is a good shout. If I have a little more time then porridge is great – especially when the mornings are cold and grey!
Dave U.
Dairy free yogurt topped with 1 serving of gluten-free granola and some blueberries. Boost your protein with a serving of vegan breakfast patties (just be sure to read the ingredients list and make sure these contain real food!)