How do you go from not having breakfast to eating breakfast? I hate regular breakfast!

Jesse W.
Start light and work your way up. & Listen to your body! Some days you'll be hungrier than others but if you make an effort to consistently eat something nutritious, even if its just a banana and nutbar to begin with, thats better than nothing. Gradually you'll recognise the benefits a healthy breakfast can provide and relish your first meal of the day!!

Mallika N.
Find healthy breakfasts that you enjoy. Look to global cuisines for new, interesting ideas- maybe you'll start liking breakfast if you have something novel? Else, perhaps intermittent fasting is a good way to skip breakfast and still be healthy.

Sebastian Z.
I hate breakfast, but I had/have an eating disorder so my parents try to keep me feed, forcing myself to wake up early gives time to get hungry 2 hours after I'm up so that's something, also I don't like to say no to them.

Lori J.
Think of the things that you could do if you had the energy during the day, then recognise that a good breakfast would give you that energy.

Marie Therese X.
I started with something light, then found out that breakfast is something more than just eating, it was my very best moment of the day, the longest break from work, and the most important part. To win the day, you must start with the right foot

Dana A.
I probebly ate breakfast my entire life so I didn't really change anything but if you find good things to eat at breakfast that will cheer you up you'lk excited to eat breakfast.

P F.
I always have my breakfast but sometimes I find it difficult to get out of bed and make something delicious and healthy. So I have a go to breakfast which is a quick fix. All you need is some boiling water, a cup of instant oats, a spoon of peanut butter and any fruit( fresh or frozen). I pour hot boiling water just enough to submerge the oats in a bowl. Then I add the fruits and peanut butter and give it all a mix. It is packed with all essential nutrients and requires very little time and energy to prepare. Plus I love the taste and I don't have to worry or plan incase I don't have enough time.

Alberte Z.
Start with eating what you like , once you get used to eating a breakfast whatever it is , you can later switch to the healthy options. Start with easy omlettes and toasts that are easy to make and tasty.

Mabel X.
I noticed that I get hungry early at work so I eat something small before I leave the house so that I can get lunch at a more appropriate time.

Gilbert F.
I'm not hungry in the morning so I got a complete shake mix so I can drink it. It has protein, vitamins and tastes great. I can add it to a smoothie when I have more time. But it is quick and easy so I can just get it done!

Claude U.
The truth is i have been eating breakfast for a long time. The change i did was to start eating a Healthy breakfast.
My advice to you is: start small. Start with something like 1 piece of whole bread with something on it like: Humus or Avocado or Tahini or 100% fruit jam without added sugar.
Maybe a small bowl of whole cereals with low fat milk.
The big step would be just to start trying untill you find something small you can and like to eat.
Good luck!

Kaimana Y.
I keep it simple and tasty. I think ahead and make sure I have all I need for the week or so. In this way, I feel prepare, relax and secure.

Al O Q.
I absolutely hate eating breakfast, but i just recently got a new job that offers free healthy breakfast every morning. I just began to take advantage of it instead of passing it up.

Debra C.
I love regular breakfast,and cannot start my day having a good breakfast.

I usually spend a lot time in the kitchen to prepare for either a weekend breakfast (like a feast) or a dinner with friends and family gathering.

Nicklas W.
Plan the night before what to eat. If you're not used to eating breakfast and want to create a habit out of eating breakfast, start with a handful of nuts or a banana.

Levette Z.
This is going to be different for each individual person. However, in my experience I've started with small breakfast. Even something as simple as a piece of fruit and a piece of toast with cinnamon. It's just like training your body to eat at certain times and then you naturally become hungry at those times after it becomes familiar to your body. Right now, my mornings begin with making a smoothie and eating a small breakfast such as a muffin, a bagel or toast. Some people like hearty breakfasts and I do tend to engage in those after working out the day before. Just log your meals, the level of exercise or movement you have through the day and how you are feeling. You'll be able to check back through your Journal and easily see what works best for you.

Santana O.
I keep little baggies of nuts. As soon as I wake up and drink my water, my tea, and express my gratitude, I grab a yogurt and one of the bags of nuts. Best breakfast ever and zero work.

Isela X.
I have started making smoothies with fruits and leafy greens. I use almond milk, Greek yogurt, kale or spinach, and frozen fruit.

Jenna X.
Taking the time to plan out and create a delicious breakfast for myself makes a world of difference. I use Pinterest and even TikTok for meal inspiration. When I wake up and I’m genuinely excited to eat breakfast, I find that to be a huge game-changer.