How do you manage to eat breakfast when you have little time in the morning?

Maddy J.
The amount of time you have in the morning is only limited by the time you give yourself between waking up and needing to leave. Personally, I need time first thing in the morning which is just for me, and I cannot just jump straight into the day surrounded by the bustle of other people, so I make sure to wake up at least an hour or so before I need to be headed off anywhere. During that time, having breakfast and my morning tea in peace is an essential part of my routine, and one of my favourite parts of the day.

Faye I.
I normally set up my alarm way before I have to start my day, so to have enough time for breakfast. Otherwise I get my coffe and I bring with me a protein bar

Alberte W.
i hate long answers so i basically just try to grab a fruit or two if im heading out somewhere. if im not heading out somewhere but my morning is rushed then i opt for some instant oats and i move on with my day

Norisete S.
Most of the time, i would take a my breakfast and eat on my way to school since it's my dad driving,i would eat in the car and by the time i arrive i would have finished my food.

Menna B.
Well actually my mom makes me sandwiches and i eat it quickly or i just go out and when I'm back i eat my breakfast
But actually when I started to wake up early i could eat my breakfast freely than before so that's really good