What do you snack on in between meals

Pedro A.
Everything, lol ,sorry 🙏❤️. I love pears 🍐 and nuts , like cashews or almonds and mixed selections. I heat them up in the microwave in an attractive bowl then eat them one at a time trying to go slow and enjoy them. I also found Atkins protein bars to taste good and be quite filking maybe with Tea or coffee. As the ap has us drinking more tea I have a favorite green jasmine orange fragrant tea that I put a little honey 🍯 in mmm re-energizes me in afternoons.
Kurt P.
If I’m prepared it’s fruit, seaweed, baked flat breads etc. If not crisp, chocolate or whatever I feel like at the time. Some sort of sweet.
Albert Z.
I first take a tea and usually the hunger subsides, which means it was not real. If I truly didn't eat enough at the main meals I snack on cherry tomatoes, radishes, tangerine (super refreshing) or bananas (really filling and satisfying), or if I want a lot of calories some nut mix. Plain greek yogurt or skyr are also favorites of mine. The trick is to avoid sugar!
Consulino Z.
I personally snack fruits cuz that’s what the nutritionist told me i should eat. But it depends and it’s different for each person, and if u don’t wanna ask a nutritionist or stuff, ig just try to think: what do i need? What does my body need? But also btw i dont always snack fruits, sometimes I’ll snack a bread with avocado or some healthy cookies or idk just smth that i wanna eat but ik is healthy. I try to snack fruits everyday but if i want smth different I’ll just have that.
Karl Ludwig X.
One of my favorite afternoon snacks is a Granny Smith apple with almond butter. Granny Smith’s have just enough sweet and tart for my flavor and they have less sugar than other fruits. Fiber in the peel helps slow down digestion to help me feel fuller longer. The almond butter has “good fat” and enough protein to get me through the afternoon slump.
Anita J.
I eat something about every 2 hours with my largest meal around 1pm. I eat a handful of nuts/seeds, lots of raw veggies, low sugar fruits, protein bars, non-fat plain Greek yogurt, and lean meats/cheese. I watch my carbs, sugar, fiber, protein and calorie in-take when deciding what and how much to eat of each thing.
Denil C.
Mostly fruit, sometimes carrots or tomatoes. My favourite are mixed nuts with raisins and cranberries (unsalted). I also noticed that when eating yoghurt with a nut mix, I have less snack cravings.
Marc S.
Well one of the most helpful things I have learned about nutrition is that you want high quality with high nutritional value, no pesticides or toxins and low sugar. I love almonds and tree nuts, and they are high in protein. Sometimes just those by themselves are kind of dry so I like to make my own trail mix. Dark cacao pieces with walnuts or almonds (or both) and dried cranberries is my favorite recipe. I also like to snack on fruits and veggies. Apple slices, add a tsp of water and squeeze a lime or lemon wedge in bag and keep cool to keep from turning, and I love dipping cucumbers in guacamole. Apples are high in fiber and nutrients, and cucumbers are great for cleansing plus the avocado is a good source of healthy fats that fuel your body and brain.
Urias Y.
The best for me is to eat enough so I don't have to snack, but when I have to, I eat almonds and sometimes, a fruit. Be cautious with the portions: 4-5 almonds is more than enough and for fruits, you don't want to go on a sugar rush.
Adam Z.
Biscuits, fruits and vegetables. I like watermelons, pineapple, bananas, oranges, apples, dates and pawpaw. For vegetables it's mostly some forms of salads or just nibbling on cucumbers, carrots, etc.
Lawrence F.
It honestly all depends on what food we have in the house. Some days I’ll eat a cookie and others I’ll eat a banana or nutrigrain bar. Pretzels are also a go to for me!
Ted S.
I carry around gluten-free snack bars and pouches of Ambronite + a shaker for a quick superfood smoothie. A fruit or two is also a good option. Sometimes I make quick raw porridge using chia seeds and oatmilk at the office, or eat oatmeal porridge with a spoonful of grass-fed ghee. That's about it. I spent quite a while arriving at these options, hope your journey is quicker!
Lilian F.
Usually veggies like bell peppers, grape tomatoes, or nuts. If I have a big salad for lunch, I eat most of it then save the rest for an afternoon snack.s
Wilhelm T.
I like to keep a lot of low calorie, high volume snacks on hand, so I can stay full without going overboard – things like fruit, veggies with hummus, rice cakes.
Brigite P.
Cake if it’s available! But I’m working on that. Ideally nuts or herbal teas, or almond butter is a particular weakness.
Isabella W.
Apple string cheese Almonds, I like crunchy textures and the cheese adds protein and compliments the flavors of the apple which satisfys my sweet tooth. Or I make a quick smoothie if I'm at home with frozen fruit greek yogurt nut butter and almond milk.
Tara T.
Little pieces of candy, and just one, fun sized candy bars are perfect. I think they are good snacks for their high caloric content and because they'll give you a little moment of happiness without feeling guilty cause is just a little piece, right?
Herman T.
I try to stick to raisins, nuts of preference, and home made granola bars. Anything that's considered a fruit, vegetable or nut.
Tom G.
For morning tea, I like yogurt, maybe with granola if I'm hungry. For afternoon tea, a piece of fruit. I don't snack at night but might have a glass of wine.
Lucy P.
I’m a total sugar monster so I’m still eating chocolate and sweets but WAY less than I used to. I’m eating a carrot for at least one snack as that covers my portion of veggies everyday and I’m also making a fruit smoothie to fit in my fruit portion. Not amazing yet but Definitely an improvement 😊
Lucien S.
I try not to snack too much because I have a bad habit of choosing the wrong foods. When I am being mindful I plan my daily food intake and have an apple as a mid morning snack and boiled eggs in the afternoon. When I’m not being mindful I grab for high processed and high sugar foods like chop and lollies
L A Q.
Depends on what’s around. Baby carrots, celery, Goldfish even! It also depends if I want sweet or salty. Pretzels are amazing when you’ve been staying extra hydrated.
Benjamin Z.
Not snacking very often anymore. Mostly snacking after dinner. Cookies or crackers or chips, sometimes sweet snack like chocolates or ice cream or cake.
Josef E.
In the morning, I will bring a serving size of nuts or cheese to help cravings between breakfast and lunch. I often bring fruits such as oranges and grapes back to work after lunch to help me make it to dinner. I try to keep it a mix of salty and sweet to help with any cravings I may have.
Hilda Q.
Popcorn is my favorite snack. But lately I have been loving carrots and guacamole. And on occasion- raw unsalted mixed nuts. Oh and I just discovered pepper wasabi fries. But those do not fill you up.
Sandra Y.
I always take a lot of food to work so that I have options. I find it stops me from being tempted to buy junk. I pretty much always have these things in my lunch bag.
Carrots, sliced capsicum, walnuts, peanuts, bhuja mix or healthy chip type snack, dried apricots and a musli bar(one that has big chocolate chunks 😉).
Lonnie U.
It depends on what my meals are. I try to plan my meals out using MyFitnessPal, so I have a good handle on how many calories I’m consuming. If I have space for it, then I’ll snack. Otherwise I’ll just drink water/tea. I feel like hot tea satisfies me as much as a snack would and lasts longer because I sip it slowly.
Lois O.
On working days I usually don’t snack anything. I have lunch around 2 pm and then I drink fruit smoothie so I won’t get hungry before dinner. As a “snack”, I sometimes eat icecream after dinner or eat an apple depending on my mood and stress level
Troy Y.
I try to first chug some water to make sure I’m not just thirsty, and it makes my stomach feel more full. And then, I usually snack on a piece of dark chocolate or some dried seaweed strips depending on if I want sweet or savory 🙂
Roland P.
I love a handful of almonds personally. I kinda grind them down with my teeth so they last longer. Carrots are another tasty treat. Granola bars work if I’m craving carbs.
Clara P.
I normally would drink a cup of tea. If I'm really hungry, I would snack on fruits (nuts or an apple normally do the trick).
Christian Z.
I like eating a banana with almond butter. Also, hummus and gf crackers and/veggies. I also like protein pucks and fresh juice. Sometimes I’ll have chips and salsa, though I try to limit that.
Ga L Q.
Grapes, raisins, dried cranberries or cherries, raw cashews. I pack a little container with just a small amount of each, that way it’s already portioned out and I won’t eat too much. I would say it’s probably about 2 oz total. It is very satisfying and a nice pick me up.
Line Y.
Crisps, or unhealthy foods as they are not filling but they taste nice. I think i should have them just as a snack occasionally instead of every time I am hungry
Frida W.
This is one thing that I would like to change. I usually do not eat between meals. I just like to drink coffee or tea or water.

I found out it is not healthy to do that . It is better to keep small snacks between main meal of the day. Also do not make main meal bigger than usual.

I hope that find the answer to your question.


Hilde U.
Yes, I always have a healthy snack on hand. It provide be engery but also prevents me from making bad choices. A piece of fruit, a protien bar, chicken peas roasted, and pickles. Having a selection in ziploc bags allows you to feel like you freedom of choice and having them in bags is teaching me portion sizes.
Marliene Q.
My work time is complicated and sometimes is hard to take some time but I tried to do it everyday and enjoy aome piece of fruit which gives me good components, plus freshiness and a little bit of sugar for energy. Also nuts is a very good option too. Just remember that extremes are not better! Balance is the key
Maria G.
I’m trying to put “snacking between meals into my goals bc sometimes and I can go hours without eating 🙁
-When I snack it’s usually chopped cucumber with lemon and chili 🙂
-mozzarella fingers

Hope this helps 🙂

Violet X.
I try to keep whatever raw vegetables and fresh fruit that I like on hand. If for some reason I let myself get hungry, (or hangry, as some call it), I want healthy options at hand and not unhealthy ones for those times my hunger is stronger than my will power.
Valentine E.
Good options include fruit, nuts, plain popcorn, or maybe some cheese and crackers. Something with vitamins and minerals or other nutrients will make you and your body happy today and tomorrow 🙂
Mya A.
Cashew butter & whole wheat tortillas, fruit (such as a banana), fresh veggies, almonds & cashews, protein chips, or popcorn
Valerie J.
Generally I avoid snacking between meals. If I am feeling peckish however I’ll have a few almonds or some apple sauce, something that’s handy and requires little time or effort.
Dimitri J.
Either fruit or some kind of yoghurt. Fruit is obvious but yoghurt is really good for your skin and for your intestines.
Emily Z.
Nothing before lunch, between lunch and dinner I eat a banana and 1 bar, some days a sort of healthy nut-bar, others a snickers or chocolate. But only on work days whan I need more energy. At home it's only the banana!
Heide F.
I go for an apple or celery with peanut butter. That or a banana. Something not too heavy in carbs or sugar so that when I do have my meal I can enjoy it to the fullest.
Johnni U.
I normally eat junk food or sweets. My stomach digests them easier than eating say an apple. As am I able to indulge, it feels more satisfying only in the time of choosing. At the end of the day I regret all my eating habits and realize how a healthier option could have been not only benefitial but actually delicious.
Marinalda Q.
That’s a double barrel question for me because I have to eat to get myself out of the big letdowns that are my lot during the day. I snack on things that won’t put on extra weight too much. Either an apple or a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, or maybe even two or three protein patties like Morning Star’s sausage patties their lil links if we have them. Popping one or two sausage patties in my mouth(I usually eat them slowly to savor their flavor)satisfies my hunger-cravings lasting about 3 or 4 hours from one snack to another, usually ending up snacking about twice before my supper with my biggest snack around 10 or 11 am. I eat breakfast between 5 am and 7 am depending on when I get up in the morning. The earlier I eat breakfast the more likely I am to eat something later on in the morning before or around noon. Then I’ll eat a snack or maybe an early supper between 4 pm and 5 pm. All the while I’m staying on a strict (more or less) daily medication schedule that requires that I eat food when taking medicine in the morning, at supper time, and bedtime. I usually end up spacing out meals to coincide with my medicine schedule, and snacking only when experiencing hunger or a let down in energy.
Cody E.
I have been snacking on vegetables and fruits mostly and rice crackers and light cream cheese I have noticed since I started fabulous I don't feel like snacking in the evenings which was my biggest issue and having the healthy snacks available means if I do get hungry I don't make bad decisions it doesn't work 100% of the time but it's better than 0% which was what I was at before starting fabulous
Alcib Ades F.
I love eating fruits and nuts. Fruits gives me sweet pleasure and nuts are great for our brains. You must definitelly try them 🙂
Oswin Z.
I try to stick to healthy snacks, like yoghurt, nuts, granoka, fruit, and other kinds of cereal. A lot of the time I do end up buying things like pastries and chips, and eating handfuls of breakfast cereal, sometimes even pure confectionary sugar. Whenever I'm down, I have a harder time picking the options I logically want. I'm more likely to succumb to the comforts of processed food then.
Ted U.
Fruit and vegetables…veggies aren't really appealing so I usually eat them with dip. I know granola bars aren't the BEST but I'll snack on those sometimes when I've got a sweet tooth too.
Ninon N.
Well I’m trying to
Keep it healthy. I work in hospitality sort of, so lots of temptation! I am allergic to nuts so they are out! Fruit is good: something like an apple or stone fruit. When I plan. It’s carrot sticks that have been soaking in water witha little lemon . Well, not soaking for ages: I might make themthe night
Before and put them
In water so they won’t shrivel . We have
These roasted chickpeas which have different flavors and satisfy
The ‘crunch ‘ urge
De N.
I’m a big snacker haha I do cinnamon apple rice cakes with PB and raisins as a go to. I also love veggie straws for a crunchy snack. Fruit is also a go to for a quick grab. Lightly salted almonds are a good quick snack. Pretzel thins and hummus.
Annett O.
Mostly I eat any thing available moderately. Fruits like apples, banana, oranges, and dried fruits. Another example is toasted seeds. A small sandwich. A salad bowl. Chocolate bars. Sweets in general. A cup o milk or hot chocolate.
Thea P.
I try to eat fruit and nuts with some cheese more of the time than not. Occasionally, I will fall victim to the vending machine.
Owen P.
I usually snack on fruit. Or at least aim at it. I also like to snack on almonds and nuts. I have a tendency to snack to much in the evening, something I need to stop to get in better shape
Shawn F.
Tons of fruit and nuts, nut butters. I don’t really snack tho. I eat as many small meals during the day as I need, and they’re whole food plant based.
Josiele N.
It depends. If I am staying at school to study and don't have any snacks available then I won't. If I am at home it depends of how tired I feel, if I'm really tired then I might eat a lot of sugar cause I don't have the strength to resist the urge, however I am strongly working on changing this issue.
Love Hugo
Corsino A.
Yes all the time unfortunately, I do not manage to stop or at least limit this bad habits, I constantly need sugar, cakes etc.