I don’t normally like to eat breakfast, how can I encourage myself to want to eat/get it into my routine?

Daniel F.
Is a matter of starting with something simple to eat. The less time it takes to prepare the better. For me for example is yogurt with some mix nuts with dried fruits. What is important is to have something in your stomach that will take you through the morning time. But remember simplicity is the key and chosing healthy food choices.
Emily C.
I try to force my self to get it done. It Will hard at the first time. But we can do or id we believe. And this is a big step to be a better person of our self
Leah Z.
Might I suggest waking up a little earlier and drinking that glass of water first thing when you wake up. It really gets your metabolism moving.
Allan J.
Make sure your eating things you enjoy. You'll get used to it after awhile but while your doing it you might as well enjoy doing it
Also if u can prepare from the night before. If u have a busy morning schedule you may have to wake up a little bit earlier in the morning to make breakfast. Which means you need to go to bed earlier from the night before. Otherwise you can put somethings together and store them till morning. But if you like me and like a hot freshly prepared meal first thing in the morning waking up earlier is a more feasible option. Or if possible grab something at you nearest food store just before starting work. That's what I do alot too… but healthy options are difficult (and costly) with that option.
Sylke N.
Make a home made chocolate milk (cocoa powder, almond milk and raw honey). It’s easy to make and does not feel like eating breakfast. Make sure not to overheat the milk!
Kataraina Z.
Eat a small breakfast. I’m not a breakfast eater either so I can only manage half a cup of oatmeal, a pinch of salt, cooked in the microwave for a few minutes then add some cream. It’s not much but it’s something!
Camille A.
Same as me I used to do only coffee. You can start with a small breakfast maybe a granola bar? And then build up. Keep motivated as it has made a huge difference for me having breakfast
Jacqueline E.
Get something that's healthy (ish) but feels like a treat? Get like your favourite granola (maybe with chocolate bits?) or have a chocolate banana smoothie, or toast with honey. Whatever feels like a treat for you!
Stephanie A.
I personally don’t like eating breakfast so I’ll bring along some fruit on my morning drive to work as well as a protein shake to drink. Premier protein caramel is my favorite.
Christopher C.
I'm the same in that I don't wake up hungry. However, because we are in bed for 6-7 hours your blood sugar will be low when you wake. So eat breakfast not because you are hungry but because you want the most productive morning possible.

Also there is an advantage for not particularly craving anything. Means, I can eat the same yogurt, eggs, and spinach every morning as easily as pie.