How do you motivate yourself to take the time every morning to eat breakfast?

Ott N.
Always know that as a Machine your body need some energy and water so when you think that your body will feel that he need some energy to start his day as I think

El A E.
Before going to sleep at night, clear out your schedule or set up an alarm so firstly you know you have time to eat. Then, try to search for or learn new dishes so making and eating the food will challenge your brain and it’ll be fun to see if you can pull it off. You can also do this with another person with you live with someone else. Hope this helps!

Suzy Z.
i just think about me 2 hours later in school: super hungry. and when im hungry im tired so o i can’t follow the lessons. So i just eat something

Bessie Z.
i plan recipes to make in advance on Instagram that look yummy, so i always look forward to my breakfast. I also take time to make it pretty, i swear it makes it taste better lol

Maria C.
Try to plan out what you are going to eat the next morning before you go to bed. You will wake up a little hungry so you will want to eat.