Nope I just need to include protein I struggle with that but it is what it is.

Willie J.
Protein is of course very important in your diet. You can still lose weight without eating much protein but it'll have consequences on your body. If you find it hard to include protein in your diet, try whey protein. Your body doesn't absorb ALL the protein but a fair amount
Caro O.
A great way to do this if you're not much of an eater is to get plant-based protein powder and make shakes. These can be a powerful breakfast to start your day!
Celestine Q.
Protein powder is great, especially if you’re vegan! I’ve been eating protein packed overnight oats for my breakfast for a whole week. If not vegan, then egg whites omelettes with veggies can help if you don’t want any yolk fat.
Marcus X.
Protein can be al kinds of things from chicken to peanut butter. I love peanut butter so I eat apple slices and peanut butter all the time. Ribs are great and so is chicken. Nuts and meat are a great source of protein. I hope this helped. Good luck!
Geza E.
Ask your family to buy some strawberries and some other healthy foods and take your medication with it. It will help you with your habits and it will make you healthier