I’ve just been having eggs and fruits for breakfast. What are some other great quick breakfasts I could try out?

Noam Louis
Eggs are a classic, can’t be beat. I’ve considered making bread and egg muffins for easy morning prep. I’ve had apples and peanut butter for lunch.

Dustin Carroll
Overnight oats…porridge mixed with fruit; yoghurt and milk the night before, google for loads of different recipe ideas. Switch up your eggs, if you normally do scrambled, try poached or an omelette. If I have leftover veg, potato and meat I like making breakfast hash, I fry it all up (like bubble and squeak) and add some bacon if I don’t have any leftover meat; it’s good with pork, beef, chicken, turkey….and top with a poached egg. 😋

Mille Jørgensen
The more colors the better. Fruits are perfect for just waking up. I recommend a power smoothie with mainly fruits, some greens, perhaps some non GMO protein powder, and unsweetened almond milk. Eggs are fine, but remember be creative. After eating the same quick breakfast for sometime you’ll start to get tired of it and may begin to lose an appitite for breakfast itself. Keep it simple, stay creative and most of all, please don’t skip it 😉

Marsha Miller
Granola bars are great and have good protein like you get in eggs. If you want something sweeter like the fruit, try yogurt. Or you could make the fruit you're already eating into a smoothie

Scarlett Watts
Steel cut oats. I usually make them in a rice cooker so I don’t have to watch them. If I start them when I first go downstairs, they’re always ready by the time I’m done getting dressed.

Mitchell Fleming
Oatmeal is a favoriter of mine, and banana pancakes is another. You only need two ingredients, eggs and banana. I usually just mix two eggs and one banana.

Eugene Gutierrez
If you like eggs you can try making them into omlettes. You can add pretty much anything to them so they're incredibly versatile. I'm also a fan of oats. You can have these made hot in the morning or you can soak them as overnight oats. Overnight oats you can even take to work if you're a bit last minute like myself.

Isabelle Dean
I totally recommend avocado toast because it is so delicious and healthy! And if your felling sweet try some homemade banana bread!

Milo Meunier
What great choices! My go-to is mashed avocado on toast or a smoothie with banana and almond butter, or berries and yoghurt.

Martha Simmons
For breakfast I have whole wheat noodles, with mushrooms, leek, onion, spinache, and eggs in a sauce of healthy oils, soy, and apple cider vinegar, with a cup of tea, some fruit, and extra vitamin supplements. Less than 10 minutes to prepare and it fuels me for the whole day!

Maria Johansen
I am allergic to eggs so I try a lot of things. My favourite options which actually keeps me feeling full is clicked chicken and goats cheese on toast with fruit and yoghurt

Breno Nunes
With eggs, there is a lot of diversity to work with. Have you tried poached eggs? Egg in a basket? French toast, which as far as I can remember, requires eggs. Eggs can also be used to make pancakes too, though that is not a quick breakfast it does go great with fruit!

Candice Muller
I like eggs too! They’re quick and can be prepared so many ways. If you’re looking for a change, here’s an idea. I put together a few “grown-up lunchables”. I put some cheese, pepperettes(I recommend turkey ones to reduce fat and salt content) and some grapes or a clementine. Use your imagination and preparing them ahead of time reduces the temptation to grab unhealthy choices. 😃

Sibille Stoffel

Benjamin Roussel
Yogurt is a quick, protein-packed, option. You can sweeten it with honey or dried fruits; and for texture, you can add cereal or chia seeds. I usually have Greek yogurt with bran cereal, raisins, and honey.

Alexandre Martinez
Overnight oats are great – make them up the night before and they are ready in the morning – there are loads of recipes online so they never get boring! Enjoy 🙂 I also swap this for porridge (oatmeal) in the winter, although that takes a little longer to prepare

Aymeric Duval
1/toasts with cheese and some veggies at the side
2/milk and a small sweet
4/oatmeal with fruits
5/try to make granula super healthy super yummy , make it before and it can stay for 10 days soo no hard work on breakfast for 10days
6/fruit salad + juice + yogurt
Ect be creative and make it fullfiling so u won't get hungry during ur day

Kent Watts
2 ביצים עם גבינה וירקות וקפה שחור
נס קפה עם תמרים ואגוזים
תה נס קפה ופרי
יוגורט חלבון עם פרי (בננה או משהו)
דייסת שיבולת שועל

Nanna Møller
Overnight oatmeal, smoothies,breakfast muffins. Meal prepping is very helpful. You can find more ideas on Pinterest or other websites

Everett Woods
Some quick breakfast ideas to try that I would suggest is just some plain, vanilla greek yogurt with your favorite fruit inside. I like to have that or some toast and fruit if you are dairy free or lactose intolerant. I went to school without breakfast and had a stomach ache so when I went to the Nurse's office, she told me to try to eat an easy-make, take to-go breakfast and those two are my best options. Or you could also just eat some fruit that you could take on the go.

Reinaldo Ramos
Whole wheat bread with peanut butter and banana, topped with chia seeds and walnuts or granola.
Another option is avocado toast with poached egg on top.
Or even a classic option, porridge!

Anton Prell
Fruit smoothie. Frozen fruits of your choice. I use frozen strawberries blueberries and banana then add protein powder and orange juice. (Use your Favorite fruit and experiment which
You like best. Buy a ninja or similar with a single serving option (avoids waste and less clean up ) bon apetit’

Emil Jørgensen
Overnight oatmeals are very convenient and nutritious. You just need some prep the night before and it will be worth it the next day because you'll only have to eat. Try adding fruits to the oatmeal, it will make it taste better.

Felix Rasmussen
I make either overnight oats, grits, breakfast cookies (feels like a treat but it's good for you) and grits. I'm southern so gross are a must!

Cecil Green
Fry up some mushrooms and add some saukraut (probiotics!!) to go with the eggs. Mix it all to varying degrees on the plate as you eat to create a bunch of new tastes!

Hanna Johnson
You can make overnight oats and add fruit in the morning. I have been having half an everything bagel and think thin oatmeal with fruit.

Ava Roger
Hi, I'm always busy on a morning so tend to opt for weetabix & semi skimmed milk or porridge with semi skimmed milk with fruit. Porridge is the better option as it keeps me full until lunch & I have a physically demanding job. O a weekend I like omelettes with vegetables or banana pancakes with fresh fruit & creme fraiche. Not very adventuras but hope this helps 🙂

Adam Pedersen
I suggest you an amazing keto friendly and super tasty choco&coconut pudding.
Preparation time is 7 minutes.
It's made with one egg, 3tbsp of coconut(or almond) flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 80gr almond milk, 1tbsp cacao powder, 1tsp stevia, 1 ½ tbsp coconut oil.
Mix everything toghether an cook for 3/4 min in microwave at 800W.

It will melt in you mouth 🤩
Try it!

And on the top of all, it will make you feel fulfilled satisfied and happy, until lunch.

A big hug from a freezing and wonderful Bassano del Grappa

Charlene Flores
Every day I eat 2 biscuits of Weet-bix, with some nice muesli and bran mixed in. I sprinkle black chia seeds on top and have a few tablespoons of yogurt and low fat milk and then add some easy fruit on top like blueberries.

Johanne Rasmussen
Bircher muesli is a nice one you can prepare the night before. Just add fresh fruits to it, like blueberries, in the morning.

Albert Madsen
Hi, I've been detoxing/juicing for nearly two weeks now (I have eggs & biltong as snacks)- Monday to Friday and off weekends. Although I have not been 100% sticking to the detox, it has helped me tremendously and the new habits from this app are also helping. In the mornings I have 2 green smoothies – at 8 & 10 am. My smoothie has spinach, kale, lemon, apple, cucumber, cinnamon & cayenne pepper. This works for me and I'm looking forward to adding more habits from this app. Good luck and know you can do it.

Anna-marie Weißer
Fruits, oatmeal, some coffe. Not everyone need a big breakfast since it can make you feel heavy and more tired if you eat more than youd like

Magnus Christiansen
Fortified whole grain cereal, personally "Multigrain Cheerios" is a favorite, complete with 100% DRI of many vitamins & minerals. If avoiding dairy, almond milk is my go-to, which also has vitamin D

Sophia Fleury
Oatmeal with bananas or blueberries; a green smoothie with spinach and/or arugula, milk/almond milk, a banana, Greek yogurt, fruit, and nut butter OR hemp… sometimes I put in coconut butter, avocado, or cinnamon;

Kasper Poulsen
Whole grain cereals mixed with nuts, raisins and a milk is a great choice for the days when you want something sweet.

I will try to see if a small beans dish (such as hummus) would be a good option as well.

Having some toast with avocado and eggs could innovate the just having the egg dish.

Wishing you a yummy breakfast!

Rose Da silva
I like making overnight oats. You can add all sorts of delicious things to them, like chia seeds, nut butter, and maple syrup; or cocoa powder, maple syrup, berries, and nuts. Obviously you can make oatmeal in the morning, but overnight oats have such good texture. I also like smoothies or protein bars, though they’re less filling. I used to make sweet potato, mushroom, and bacon hash on weekend mornings, which was delicious. I should try that again! 🙂

Afonso Caldeira
Yoghurt and bran flakes is a great way to kick-start the day and get extra fibre in. I'm also a big fan of avo on toast (with dukkah spice if I feel fancy). Having about 3 different breakfasts in rotation gives me variety enough in my breakfast routine that it never feels monotonous or mundane to accomplish

Leroy Webb
Smoothie is amazing to have first thing in the morning . You just have to take two Bananas and cut them into pieces and a handful of spinach and blend them in a blender and your smoothie is ready. If you like to add honey you can add. To make pink smoothie you just have to add strawberries instead of spinach .

Helene Vögele
I like sliced tomatoes plus cottage cheese and a slice of wheat toast or rye toast. It's not a heavy breakfast but it sticks to the ribs as grandma used to say.