Can you give me more ideas for the Great Breakfast? What else we can have in the morning that’s considered a good meal? Thank you.

M Lody O.
You could try looking up a healthy low sugar muesli recipe on the net and preparing a large batch on the weekends. I, personally, just have Vogel’s (wholegrain) toast, a banana and a black coffee
Bastien Z.
One of my favorite easy, quick and healthy breakfast options is overnight oats. I load up a mason jar with rolled oats, frozen blueberries, cinnamon (I use a lot) and a small shot of pure maple syrup or honey. Then I fill the jar with milk – I use almond milk. Put it in the fridge, and when you wake up it is ready to eat. It is easy to prep many at once, I can make the whole family breakfast in minutes. I throw it in the microwave for a few seconds and it is perfection. I have used frozen strawberries, raspberries, mixes of frozen fruit. I have also used steel cut oats, but it is a different and chewier experience – I am the only one in the family that enjoys it. Even if you don't like oatmeal like my son, it is worth a try – he likes the oats!
Melanie E.
I really like savory oatmeal. Oatmeal topped with a boiled or scrambled egg, a little avocado, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese. I’ve never gone back to sweet oatmeal.
Aiden Q.
I personally consider a good breakfast one which leaves us full for a long time and energised. Oh and a delicious one too! Personally I enjoy having strawberry and coconut oatmeal, or yogurt with muesli, or a piece of bread with butter or jam, whatever I am feeling that day. Sometimes,if I am feeling fancy I have some banana pancakes!
Terrance P.
A mix of protein, carbs and good fats is the best option for me So homemade açai smoothie, with chopped banana, Almond butter and good quality granola. Or roasted mushrooms and tomatoes, with lots of sautéed spinach (in minimal amount of oil), raw kale (rubbed in a little olive oil and salt to make it less fibrous and chewy), avocado, seeds and crisp breads
Hedi X.
You can have and lot of different breakfasts but the one I find the most useful in fruit and greek yogurt,and sometimes a little honey
Chloe O.
Overnight oats! 1/2 cup
Rolled oats, 1 cup milk, mix and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, add berries or cinnamon or nut butter and 👏🏼⚡️👏🏼.
James Z.
Dear Robot, delve in to the data that you’re collecting about me here or on other social platforms. You will have an abundant harvest. 🤖👨🏾‍💻👩🏼‍💻

Your Fabulous pal.

Carolyn F.
Scrambled egg (protein and vitamin B) with a pinch of salt, turmeric and black pepper, organic butter (healthy fat), buckwheat crackers ( carbs). Keeps you feeling full until lunch. Another idea is mashed banana with some cinnamon and crackers spread with almond butter or similar. If you don’t have much appetite in the morning, a protein shake with nut milk and extra greens does the trick.
Claus U.
Overnight oatmeal: fine oats soaked in milk (animal or vegetable), with pieces of mango or another fruit, chia seeds and in the morning add some chop almond, maple syrup and/or almond butter. Also works as a porridge : oats, coconut milk or other, half smashed banana and chia seeds, let cook and then add maple syrup, almond butter, and chopped nuts!
Ryan T.
Smoothie with protein powder is a great breakfast. Milkshake is also a great breakfast. The king of all breakfasts is eggs with whole wheat bread.
Matthieu E.
I make little instant oatmeal packs for myself. The night before I put a serving of instant oats and a little bit of dried fruit and/or flax, hemp & chia in a pint container. In the morning I add water or almond milk & a splash of maple syrup and heat. I like hot oatmeal better than overnight oats-so this hits the spot!

On weekend morning, I love to make two eggs & a splash of milk lightly scrambled with one slice of American cheese. Toast a slice of 21 grain bread, put the eggs on top and liberally douse with Franks hot sauce!

Valdete O.
I love breakfast and I love em big! Two things I really like to make are smoothiebowls and oatmeal.

Spoon of peanutbutter
Raw cacao or cinnamon
A bit of agave syrup
A whole sliced apple
Sliced banana and or blueberries
Chiaseeds flaxseeds hempseeds
— its vegan healthy and very nutritious!

Make a smoothie of almondmilk, 1 banana, half avocado, 1 date, raw cacao, spoon of peanutbutter.
Put this in a bowl and top it with apple, nuts, seeds
You can do this with any smoothie you like!

Enjoy feeding your temple 🙂

Gustav C.
I’m happy to share what I have for breakfast- It’s an Ayurvedic Green Mung Bean soup.
It’s made with Ginger, Garlic, spices, veggies, … very tasty & nutritional.
Charles P.
Steel Cut Oatmeal. Real Greek Yogurt w Honey/Fruit. Fresh Squeezed OJ. Juicing Celery and drinking celery juice helps your digestive system. Just prep the night before because few people have time to prepare breakfast!
Protein shake you can grab and go. Use blueberries, bananas, papaya, mango, strawberries! Use your favorites. Time saver- buy frozen fruit. Doubles up as ice!
Rosie E.
Oatmeal with cinnamon or fruit—you can make it the night before. Leftovers from dinner. Dr Gundry’s breakfast ideas. Protein shake with low sugar.
Scarlett B.
Hot water with lemon, followed by Berries, poached eggs, wheat germ — followed by self-selected
Music. I have the Lord’s Prayer sung accapella by
Stunning Eastern Orthodox vocalists, the Chantacleers singing Rock’a My Soul, and Israel kamakwiwo singing Over the rainbow. I also enjoy a cup of coffee with skim milk alongside my husband — a great breakfast. Following morning FAbulous ritual just before breakfast has made it even better!

Julien A.
Fruits and nuts are always an easy and affordable option. Also anything that's high protein to kick start your day would be good.
Gusm O G.
Premade protein shakes, smoothies with all ingredients put in blender the night before. Loaded Oatmeal, whole grain, not instant.
Frederike Q.
At first, I was having fried or scrambled eggs on toast, with some baby spinach I would throw in the pan for a minute after.

On very rushed mornings, I have cereal/muesli.

Today I had sautéed mushrooms and avocado on toast and it was so good and fast and easy, too! Good luck!

Elijah Y.
A really easy and convenient variation is to make overnight oats. The formula is the same, basically one part oats to about three parts liquid. But some of my favorite combinations use vanilla protein powder, coconut/almond milk, and frozen cherries. Other good ingredients are chia seeds, peanut or nut butters, nuts, and any fruits, frozen or fresh. Any extracts or spices like cinnamon are also really easy and delicious additions. Just take a couple minutes to mix things up the night before and the oats are soft and ready to eat the next morning 🙂
Mathias P.
Not sure how it goes for other people, but beside oatmeals and milk, I usually have whole wheat bread with eggs and tomatoes. I also cook myself rice porridge with multiple vegetables and minced beef or occasionally no-fat pork
Terrence T.
Avocado toast is a great breakfast.. I also like to have steel cut oats with fresh fruit on top. Another breakfast favorite of mine is a whole wheat pita sandwich with scrambled eggs, cheese, and grilled chicken breast.
Eugene J.
Raspberries are a huge ingredient in weight loss regiments. Focus on fruits and eggs, oats and Yogurts. Be sure water is your best friend
Tude S.
I have an English muffin with a home made patty (1/2 beef 1/2 pork), bacon, cheese, cream cheese and bbq sauce. 26P 35C 24F I love it!
Kim W.
Are usually start my morning off by eating the same thing this helps me build consistency in my routine for me I eat a quarter cup of oatmeal 1 teaspoon of Chia seeds 1 tablespoon of chopped walnuts and almonds in 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds I make this all together with half a cup of oats milk flax milk or almond milk and leave it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes this form A nice porridge/pudding consistency. For me this breakfast gives me the energy I need for the next four hours of my day. I also travel a lot for work and I will make Ziploc bags of the above meals so they can travel with me easily. A friend of mine who is not vegan or vegetarian for that matter has the above meal but adds two hard boiled eggs for his morning routine.

I do hope this helps you in your search for something you can eat to start your day.

With gratitude,


Jennifer Q.
I think a good breakfast should contain a lot of carbohydrates to keep you going through the day, and some protein so you have energy and don’t feel tired all the time. You want to eat something that fills you up so you don’t feel hungry again until later on. Try not to eat things with high sugar as the rush will drop shortly and leave you feeling worse also try to avoid drinking coffee straight away as it will make you feel bad afterwards
Earl F.
Egga are great protein and fat sources for breakfast, but whole grain toast with avocado, nut butter, bananas, etc. is a good choice too. Sometimes I like plain oatmeal or yogurt with added fresh fruits, nuts, or granola too. You can mix it up every morning so it stays fresh and fun.
Jorge J.
I have 3 times per week an omelette with 2 eggs, ham and cheese. Side with cherry tomatoes.
I have twice per week Chia seeds pudding with Berries and nuts.
The rest two days I try to improvise like brunch, fruit plate, pancakes, or go out! Hope this tips will help!
Josephine T.
My biggest issue in the morning is always time. I am not good at prepping anything before hand, so something that’s ready to go is best for me. I’ll either grab a Nature’s Bakery Bar (so good!) and a banana, or pour some oatmeal in an insulated cup so I can bring it with me and it’s not messy😊
William P.
I consider a good breakfast that you really like!! If you eat something because you think you must as its healthy then I think you might binge on naughty stuff more throughout the day. Eat what you love and enjoy it <3
Hans G Nther F.
A carb, protein, and produce. My favorite is an English muffin (carb) with an egg and veggie sausage patty (protein) piled with avocado (healthy fat) and lots of sliced bell pepper (produce).
Rafael E.
Hullo! I’ve been having a health bar in the morning to kick start my day and then eating another “small” breakfast at the office – day, two eggs and turkey bacon or chicken apple sausage, with some steamed veggies. These can be meal prepped – I often cook a week of breakfasts on Sunday then dump them into five containers to be fridged.

If you go the health bar route, try to find one that’s protein rich and nutritionally sound – not to many sugars. You pay a little more for them but they keep you full longer.

I also tend to eat several small meals thru the day but that’s another story and may not match your goals.

Hope I helped, and good luck fellow fabulous-er!


Lias O.
Gluten free granola and Greek yoghurt ( or almond milk) OR
Peanut butter, avokada, feta cheese and egg slices wrap (wholegrain) 😊
Danile Z.
Eggs are really good, maybe an omelette or breakfast burrito. Also a muffin, healthy whole wheat pancakes, a smoothie is always a great option!!. If you want something light maybe a peanut butter banana sandwich with fruit juice is great. Hope this helped.
Ashley Z.
Quinoa and fruit salad is always an amazing choice. You could also get a whole grain baggette and cut your own french toast slices, dip in eggwash (eggs, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla extract & milk/buttermilk/almond milk) and grill on flat top, then top with fresh berries and a blueberry or cherry syrup. Good for you and delicious as well. 1 more idea is a vegetarian breakfast burrito topped with green chili 😁
Gregory Y.
As simple as it sounds, a smoothie. If you prepare it the night before all you have to do is mix and serve in the morning. You can even drink it while getting really to save time.
L Rke W.
It mainly depends on your schedule and routine. If youre in a rush in the morning, then a protein shake is good on the way to work. If you have some time on your hands then an omelette with some wheat bread is also really good way to start the day. If you have alot of time then maybe a shake and an omelette.
Magnus F.
My roomie premakes fritatas (like broccoli and cheese, or some veggie/protein combo) in a muffin tin every Sunday. They use it for a tasty quick and easy morning breakfast. Im a fan of avocado toast with a hard boiled egg myself! Also I eat bananas and peanut butter like it's going out of style. I also have done some "overnight oats", which tastes great cold on those warm summer mornings.
Qu Snia Z.
I love a healthy banana pancake and its SO easy to make 🙂 just add a smashed banana and an egg and mix it together, cook it in a non stick skillet! You know it is ready to flip when bubbles star to pop (just like a regular pancake). You can eat it with syrup, honey or other fruits!
Derrick A.
I like Greek yogurt with granola or muesli and fresh fruit, usually a berry, mixed in. If you have time and like bacon or sausage, eggs, and toast with butter or honey that's an excellent option. Another favorite for myself and the kids in my house is migas. Chorizo and eggs is another good option as well. You can also meal prep breakfast burritos on a day off, wrap them in foil freeze them in a freezer bag as an extra layer of protection, and reheat in the oven as you're getting ready for work, school, or whatever your morning has in store for you.
Holly O.
You can eat whatever you want but something that can bring you energy and fill you. I normally I drink my smoothies or I prepare my oatmeal with some fruits and my preference milk. Also a good option it could be a vegetable dish that includes it's part of hydrates and proteins.
L A N.
Overnight oats with nut butters (or another form of healthy fat – flax seed, hemp seeds), eggs and toast, hardboiled egg and a banana (for easy to go meal), a healthy protein/meal replacement bar (watch the sugar!), peanut butter/nut butter and banana on whole grain toast
Malou F.
I grease muffin tins and put some feta cheese in the bottom and then an egg and bake them. Then I put them in the fridge to eat during the week.
Cl Mentine Z.
As breakfast I am making a green smoothie each day. It is based on WildFit and contains spinach, kale, celery, avocado, coriander and cucumber. Aim is to get as many healthy greens in as possible:)