How do you deal with keeping up the habits during the weekend? I would like to be able to have separate weekend habits to check off, because I do some things differently and you can’t delete them without deleting them everywhere.

Billie O.
I think it will be better for me if I can keep up the habits for the weekend too, because I think, it's important. but i use weekend as a day off, so it's hard. I'd like to keep up some habits for morning and evening, if it's possible.

Sammy F.
I try to keep doing what I’m doing now as if nothing has changed, but it is hard. Especially since I’m in the military. Keeping a rhythm and keeping up with everything is a work in of itself, but I try to make do

Oscar O.
If the habits are basic ones like drinking water and eating breakfast I have no problem continuing those habits over the weekend. However, when the weekend hits I like to get more productive and indulge in hobbies that I don't have time for on the weekends. If having separate habits would support this, I would like to have separate habits.