What do you eat for your usual breakfast?

Svea F.
Overnight oats with chia and pumpkin seeds made with almond milk, topping it up with blueberries or banana. When I don’t have time I grab a banana and some nuts.
Jacob B.
it depends, some days i feel really bad and unmotivated so i might have toast. but on other days maybe cereal or porridge with fruit!
Domingos F.
I eat oatmeal, with hot oatmilk (so creamy), blueberries, bananas, agave and cinnamon. Typically I’ll also have orange juice or a calm herbal tea with it.
Cl Mentine E.
typically i eat perogies, eggs and bacon sometimes bacon eggs and toast and on occasion to change it up i’ll make french toast and sausage or scrapple
Ula X.
For my usual breakfest i eat nuts, toasted bread,scrambled eggs, oatmeal with milk ,turkish cheddar ( includes less fat than usual cheddar) and fruit.
Kayyisa X.
I change between a smoothie, if I have time, or a yogurt fruit bowl. They're both made from the same thing. 80g frozen berries, 100g of yogurt high in protein, chia seeds, and occasionally a bit of honey. It's relatively easy and quick to make but also delicious! 🤗
Peniel Q.
I really prefer savory breakfasts but have been trying to alternate smoothies into the mix. Right now I’m doing a smoothie every other day and then a healthy-ish breakfast on the other days. This includes things like breakfast tacos or lox on an English muffin.
Amalie F.
Usually for breakfast, I would have eggs with bread and a fruit. I could also take a fruit yoghurt if I really want to 🙂
David F.
I usually have something with eggs. I'm not a fan of eggs though so I like to "dress them up". I'll do a cheese or vegetable omelet with toast and ginger or mint tea. If not one of those, my next best option is a ham and cheese scramble with toast and fresh fruit (whatever is in season).
Cyd P.
Lately in regards to the guidance of the app I’ve been solely focusing on intaking healthy protein and energy filled foods. I’ve mainly eaten eggs in the form of a omelette, and scrambled. I want to eventually work on inviting oatmeal into my everyday breakfast casual meals. If I’m not in the mood to cook or have any “real food” I drink a protein smoothie and wait till lunch or later in the day to indulge in a more full filling meal. When I get more consistent in the pattern I will expand my options.
Darla Y.
i usually eat a croissant and something else that uncludes chocolate but occassionaly i reach out to healthier versions for breakfast such as fruits
Darrell I.
I usually have either toast with butter ams a fruit shake on the side or a bowl of porridge with strawberries and blueberries, hipw this helps
Greg U.
Granola bar or toast, fruit, and/or protein drink. On the weekends, egg fried rice or omelette. On special occasions, pancakes.
Airum Q.
It depends on what I’m in the mood for! Sometimes it’s oatmeal and a protein smoothie. Other times I’ll have a bagel sandwich. Recently, I’ve been eating avocado and toast with a poached egg and some fruit on the side!
Gani L.
Yogurt with grinned chia seeds, handful of mixed nuts, risens, mixed forest berries, banana, and cereal reach with dietary fibers.