What’s your go to breakfast when your in a rush?

Dean Z.
I love the Starbucks unsweetened cold brew. I’ll put a piece of toast in the toaster while I make my coffee the way I want it. When coffee and toast is ready, I grab all my work stuff and a banana and head out the door. I like the Starbucks ready made cold brew because you pour it in a cup and go. I get unsweetened because I don’t like added sugars in my food. My toast is whole grain no sugar added. Sometimes I butter it, but my favorite is peanut butter on my toast. The banana can be supplemented by any fruit really. This is just my go to.

Julia Q.
I order these things called daily harvests which are cups with all you need to make a smoothie. I just toss it into the blender every morning with some milk, and boom! A smoothie. They are kinda pricey though, for $7 per, so you can also just grab or banana, or toast an English muffin and put jam and butter on. Enjoy!

Diana E.
I like to eat soymilk and fruits for the easy breakfast. I prefer eating quiet and relaxed with my loved ones in the nature. But if I have to be in a position of a rush, I would rather be light and comfy than heavy brain snoozing food. Soymilk (or yogurt or pudding) and fruits are comfortable for my stomach and nutritious enough for me. I feel refreshed and light after eating like this.

Pierfrancesco P.
A yogurt and or a banana. If I can I grab two biscuits as well to eat on the go. And of course a bottle of water always in the bag

Clifford Z.
A rushed breakfast can range from a Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Muffin to a handful of dried fruit and nuts. Always something caffeine too. I tend to drink unsweet tea, but sometimes it can be a cold brew coffee too.

Jussara Q.
I always have chiapudding ready in my fridge. Its made of chia seems and soy chocolate milk with a little extra cacao. I usually make enough for 3-4 days of breakfast

Anatolij Z.
Anything I can put in the toaster. Like bread , bagels or waffles. I love a warm breakfast it really makes me feel nourished

Mireia P.
An apple or some easy-to-eat fruit to eat on the go. Some night I'll make overnight oats to eat with the fruit the day before