How long does it take you to make breakfast?

Hannah F.
If I cook breakfast, a quick one (egg, precooked sausage) takes about 10 minutes while a longer one (homemade salsa/guacamole, pancakes, vegetable skillet) takes around 25. If I don't cook (yogurt, fruit, granola) only takes 5 minutes at the most.
Pam S.
It really depends on what I make, how I feel and what I have to do. Sometimes I can be so quick that it may take up to 10 minutes for toast and cereal, maybe 5 for oatmeal pre made or up to a hour with a full breakfast
Midhuna N.
It takes me 10 minutes to make my breakfast. I prefer to eat something which takes less time but also nutritional. To make it more healthy I add nuts,seeds, almonds and walnuts. I also make sure to drink lemon and honey water for the morning boost
Porf Rio T.
This week I did my breakfast the night before, this takes me 20 minutes, more or less, and the next morning I just put it in the microwave. I think if I make my breakfast in the morning it could take me like 20 or 30 minutes approx
Michelle F.
Well it depends on what I’m going to have for breakfast depends on how long it takes it could be 5 minutes to about 10 minutes
April F.
Depends on what breakfast i make. If its nutritious, then 15 minutes. If its normal, 10 minutes, etc. So, conclusion: about 10-20 minutes max.
Gabby N.
It take me about 2 minutes at home to make breakfast as I only have to get a bowl cereal spoon and milk out. I have the same breakfast most days because it is easy. I would like to start making a variety of breakfasts which would mean it would take me longer probably 5-10 minutes
Arlete C.
I'am going to make healthy food when I'am comming back to Åttringen Bustader where I'am living for good now. It takes 2 houres to make a healthy breakfast I'am making it the day before so everything is ready to next day.
Melissa Z.
Somewhere from 5 min to an hour. It really depends on what I’m having for breakfast, as well as how much time i have the morning.
Neesa B.
If it's simple like a healthy cereal (if I can I add berries or bananas) then 5ish mins. Sometimes I like to get more elaborate and make a seedy oatmeal, or vegan pancakes with a berry smoothie which can take around 20-45 mins (depends if ingredients are premade or not)
Olivier L.
It only depends on the type of breakfast I mean how you want it and how much you want it. So the way you want it and the number of ingredients, then the recipe will come into account. About 10 mns, a quarter of a hour, or a half of a hour.
Chloe S.
If I make overnight oats it takes me 10 to 15 minutes the night before to make for 4 days. If I make toast in the morning maybe 5 minutes tops. The longest part though is eating breakfast. Takes me at least 30 minutes to eat a small amount of food.