Does anyone have any quick, tasty, not sugary breakfast options I could try?

L Rke C.
You could always make some eggs (how every you prefer them). Maybe put them on some toast with a bit of butter or cheese. It doesn't take long at all, maybe 3-5 minutes.
Kally A.
You could try a toast with avocado,olive oil,pinch of salt and pepper and my favorite (optional) a little of sirascha(hot sauce) on top of the avocado
Lauren X.
Overnight Oats. Add quick oats to a sealable container add milk or water to cover, stir to mix. Add in any fruits, nut butters, nuts, jams, chocolate chips (sugar free) stir it up. Leave in fridge overnight and eat it cold or warm in the morning.
Isolina S.
Well there's lots of things you can try. I like toast and cereals with no sugar. You can also have porridge which I don't think has sugar in it
Philip G.
Smoothie 🥤 or you can do do a orange honey and cinnamon breakfast is amazing it was the ancient Greeks Olympian people had before they went into of the Olympics and they gave them so much energy. So what you have to do is peel an orange and then squirt some honey on it, not that much and then sprinkle some cinnamon on and that's it👌😊