What are quick simple meals that are good to grab and go?

Cecil C.
Put some plain Greek yogurt in a sealable container (add a little bit of sugar if needed) and some frozen berries on top. Put in the fridge the night before so the berries have thawed or take it with you frozen and eat it for lunch. Super easy and very filling!
Yanis O.
Loaded hummus with veg in and flatbread like I had last night for after dance tea , also smoothie bowl type things if I ever get a blender and yoghurt blueberries and granola
Charlie J.
Overnight oatmeal is great! You simply put oatmeal and milk in a container and let it sit overnight. The oatmeal will absorb the milk just as when you cook it. You can add blueberries or other berries and cottage cheese for extra protein. I usually put some Chia seeds in as well. In the morning I spread some cinnamon and stevia on top and its good to go! Oh, and I also have a pinch of salt and cardemum (not sure if that's what it's called in English but it's a super good spice that is popular in Christmas cookies and it's nature's own anti depressant). Another lunch I often make is a single cracker bread (not the light sort with sugar and regular flour but the healthy one with lots of fiber, if you know what that is) with half an Avokado and a boiled egg. I slice the avocado in two halfes and drip some lemon on it to make it last the day without going brown. Then I wrap it up in aluminum foil and put it in my lunch box. Same goes for the egg. If you don't have access to knifes where you're eating lunch you can bring one to spread the Avokado and the egg on your cracker. I also usually put a few small tomatoes in the box as well. You might want to have more than just one cracker though. I am a bit small and don't eat so much. Or you can bring a slice or two of a dark bread instead.
Tilde Y.
Hi! So: I like to do a couple of different preps for grab and go when I can!
-Egg cups (putting different arrangements of veggies and adding a pre-mixed mixture of egg yolks, I found a great recipe on Buzzfeed!)
-hard boiled eggs
-overnight oats (putting yogurt, cut fruit, and oats into a jar overnight, and it’s ready to grab in the morning! This also works for salads/other meals in a jar the night before)
-I also like to pack healthy energy bars in my bag just in case I can’t grab anything in the morning before work!

I hope that helps!

Emma Q.
Hard boiled eggs, you can pre cook them for a quick healthy protein. Avocados are really good with just a bit of lemon and salt, you can eat them right out of the skin with a spoon!
Aaron O.
Cook some egg cups in advance! Eggs with whatever veggies you like cooked in the oven in a muffin tins. They reheat well.
Ljudmila B.
Rice noodles are always a winner with grated veg and prawns.
Rice and chopped salad mixed in.
If you do salads it has to have fruit and seeds and some dip
Odete Z.
Bananas! Yes they may have a sugar content but it’s natural and it’s better than reaching for a chocolate bar.

A handful of nuts, the good kind, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecan and hazelnuts.

Apples! Experiment. Red ones, green ones, named ones. Treat yourself to Pink Lady.

Jonas P.
things like bananas and orange stuff or protein bars are great and give you energy that actually lasts. i can whip up some eggs or a sandwich pretty quickly as well which is delicious! Also, bagels, especially the healthy type with avocado and butter and maybe chia seeds are amazing and you can’t taste the chia seeds at all!