Any tips on preparing breakfast quickly?

Raffaella E.
I think that the best thing is to buy foods that you like vert much, than prepare It to be eated the night before. I usually load the coffee machine, then, in the morning, I choose between biscuits or cereal or granola or pain d'epices with peach marmelade. So, when I wake up I have to push only one button, then think at the food I like the most between those ones.
Ern Ni Y.
most would recommend that preparing your meal the day before is a great way to be quick and healthy. I’m almost always too lazy to do that at night so i settle for oatmeal and fruits; it’s filling and quick so i think its great. If you have the time you should totally do it the night before but whatever you do will be great because you’re doing it.
Paula U.
Making a smoothie with toast is healthy and fairly quick– especially when you make the smoothie the night before and freeze it. Just heat the container for 15 seconds, scoop out what you want and eat with toast. It's easy to make enough to last several days. Also yogurt and toast works, too.
Andrea N.
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Hildegunde T.
Yes! I have a really quick, doable routine for when I don't have 15 extra mins to prep eggs and clean up: soymilk, Kashi go, and a banana or Mango. Sometimes I add a protein shake depending on my activity for the day. Always gets me going!!
Lucy O.
Plan what you want to eat the night before, make sure you have the ingredients ready if it’s something you need to cook, and make sure you know what to. If your breakfast is cooking see if you could be doing other parts of your morning routine to save time.
Felecia U.
Single serving yogurt, apples or fruit in general is my go to. But there are recipes for egg cups that can be made ahead of time and reheated in the microwave each morning. Basically it’s like an omelette in a muffin tray.
Leon P.
Try to plan what you're going to eat the night before. That way, you know what food is available to you and you'll be able to whip up something quickly
Juan E.
hm, you should get some eggs and maybe make an omelette out of it, with some orange juice, making sure you know what you want first also helps! and have some fruits for dessert~~
Briar N.
I suggest having a meal plan ready each week so that when it’s time to make breakfast you can get right to cooking instead of contemplating. In some cases you can prepare your breakfast the night before such as overnight oats. This is helpful for people that have little time in the morning because this way they still get a proper breakfast.
Mason O.
A plate of deli meats and few slices of nice cheese, put together the night before and kept in the fridge. Choice of grain and spread close by (personal favourite: Ryvita wafers and hummus)

Having all this ready makes me more likely to eat bacause the time & effort to do it is already done.

Zilena P.
Know exactly what you'll be eating. Keep things handy. Multi-task. I make a quick breakfast samdwhich: presliced sandwich Buns, Applegate sausage patty,egg,1/4avocado. Preheat the pan while I feed my cat, add the egg and sausage, let it cook while I toast the buns. All in all about ten minutes!