Should breakfast always include proteins? Are nuts okay?

Juliette E.
No not always because I think people are different and we can't tell them you should have protein in your breakfast
Lillian Z.
Yes, because protein will help to build your muscles and and help you to grow taller. It is important to have protein for your breakfast like having fried rice with salmon or chicken and etc. ( Because I'm an asian so those example that I gave you may be 50 % useful for you, good luck. )
Lewis Z.
Yes. The breakfast should include all the necessary nutrients which will help you going throughout the day. You can even include nuts
Russell S.
I’m not a food expert, but I have done my own research and tested what my body handles best in the mornings.
And YES!! I would highly suggest eating a good protein in the morning, eggs, a protein shake, sausage, bacon 🥰, or your favorite protein!
Yogurt sweetened with honey, mixed nuts, and the fruit of your choice is always an amazing meal!
Or overnight crockpot oatmeal, I’d suggest using steel cut oats instead of quakers. You can find organic steel cut oats at your local Walmart!
I hope this was helpful! Eat well my breakfast buddy!
Romana Z.
Yes breakfast should include proteins because they provide long term energy and needed by your muscles especially when u work out .
Isolina N.
I had nuts witg my breakfast for a while and I think its great. And proteins wise? I'm not sure, i think so, but the moat important part ia that it gives you enough energy and I think proteins can help with that
Gitta F.
to me, i think it is essential to have some sort of protein in your breakfast. nuts are a super source of protein and are really easy to prepare, cause there is no preparation! a handful of almonds is always a great solution if you don’t have time to prepare a meal, so keep them handy 🙂
Kurt U.
Yes it should absolutely always include them I personally don’t prefer nuts but yes nuts are great! Or you can grab yourself a fruit salad and or a fruit or vegetable and if your not hungry grab a morning snack as you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day!🥺💕
Gaspard E.
Yes, ideally breakfast should always include protein. More importantly though is to not skip, even an apple, banana or a hand full of almonds will be enough to tide you over. This will also offer you more energy without the burnout. Such as muffins, candy bars will give you a big spike of energy but it will follow with a fast response of low energy and even more exhaustion as your body is begging for more nutrients. Remember if you are tired, not feel great or low on energy. Sugar is your enemy. Have long lasting things like eggs, almonds,rains,cranberries,apples or bananas. Also if you are in a place where you are stationery after you have something to snack on grab some water and take a short walk, if you have stairs near by go up and down them a few times.
Benjamin N.
I don't think it should always have protein. Wyatt should never miss I think are cabs. Some people say they have allergies with but so maybe for them the option may not be a good one but for everyone else like me nuts are awesome.
Lewis Z.
I don't think breakfast should be mainly protein.
I think carbohydrates and nuts are better at morning meal than lunch or dinner.
But I'd rather the nuts be a snack during the day.
Tyler Z.
I'd say nuts are fine. Protein is ideal in breakfast but we're all human so the main thing is find a healthy meal you like and stick with it
Carlos Z.
Since breakfast is the first meal of the day I always make sure I include proteins and the other components for a balanced diet
Debbie U.
I usually reserve nuts for a snack, but I think you could have them for breakfast! It’s a quick protein.

I love yogurt or cottage cheese and fruit with a sprinkle of cinnamon or a protein shake for breakfast during the work week. It’s something easy for me to pack and take to school. I eat breakfast before bus duty.

Amalie C.
I'm not sure myself. But nuts also have a lot of good nutrition that benefits the body. So why not having them first thing in the morning?
Curtis F.
Protein keeps you full and helps for overall weight loss so starting the day with some eggs can be a very good idea. Personally I do not include juts in my breakfast instead I have them as snacks throughout the day which helps keep me full due to their high fat content