I’d like to start preparing my breakfast the day before. What are some of the best types of food I can choose for that?

Wencke E.
Overnight oats (so oatmeal, lots of recipes online). A sandwich pre made is also an option (store in airtight container in the fridge). Wraps with vegetables and hummus (avoid moist vegetables, you don't want a wet tortilla). Or homemade granolabars/energiebars.
Ily S Q.
my favorites are fresh things like smoothies, salads, fruits like berries and citrus that comfortable bite size and doesn't get soggy or dry. i also like to snack on dried fruits and nuts if i don't feel like having bigger breakfast. overnight oats is also always a good idea
Kasper Z.
My breakfast routine is, make for myself a good milk sake with fruit, coffe and milk, a slice of bread, and 3times per week eggs as well. I’m doing this everyday and I’m enjoying it because it’s giving me strong power during the day. I think is the first step to have a good day
Ronan F.
Any vegetables you can prepare the night before would be great. Finely chop them and then put them into the oven for several minutes. I like to sprinkle these into an omelette in the morning. A very healthy, hearty breakfast which takes 5 minutes of your morning if you have all of your equipment ready from the night before.

Another option would be "overnight oats". I've never tried this, but a quick Google will show everything needed to know about this alternative.

Theodora P.
Porridge made in a slow cooker or crock pot I find is the best for me. I wake up to it hot and ready to eat. You can flavorful it with fruit and nuts and freeze the rest in containers ready for when you next need it.
Andrea N.
Overnight oats or chia pudding are easy to prepare the night before ready to grab out of the fridge and eat in the morning
Ayten O.
You can make ham the day before, oatmeal it’s funny but tastes good. If you want if your making eggs, if you have scrabble eggs or an omelet make everything before except the eggs, like peppers or onions or what ever you want.
Sheila G.
I typically like to keep a stash of various protein bars and add a little fruit in the morning. If you have plenty of time tonfood prepn another option is what I like to call "eggy muffins". These are pretty much eggs mixed with veggies kadd cheese if you like), mix together kseason to taste if you like, pour into muffin cups that are lining a muffin tray. Bake until golden brown and voilan you've got a quickie breakfeast to go (well after popping it in the microwave to warm a bit). I like.to make a full tray and it lasts all week!

I also make keto Flaxseed Cinnamon bun muffins sometime and easy go to when prepped (recipe is from The Keto Diet: The complete guide to a high-fat diet, By: Leann Vogel – it has wonderful recipes even if you're not doing Keto!)

Hope this helps 😊!

Amandine S.
I like to make a type of yogurt parfait of sorts it’s easy and withstands the fridge well-
Plain Greek yogurt
Granola, or oats
Mashed up bananas
Stefanie C.
Overnight oats with chia seeds, add some peanut butter and banana slices, or any other fruits and nuts. Super nutritious and delicious!
Emin X.
Things like homemade pancakes (though sugary), egg bites, and quiches could work nicely. They can stay in the refrigerator for a short time and can potentially even be frozen.

This part's obvious, but you can set certain coffee makers to brew on a timer as well.

Alexis T.
Over night fridge oats are a great way to prepare breakfast the night before. Or just prepping what you might want to put in your smoothie in little bags and sticking them in the freezer. Both very quick options for a healthy breakfast. One last option is make some hard boiled eggs, great protein if your running late you can grab them and a fruit then go.
Juvenal Q.
I did some quick research and found this website which has a list of breakfast ideas for preparing breakfasts ahead of time: https://www.google.com/amp/s/tasty.co/article/jesseszewczyk/make-ahead-breakfast-recipes .
However, some foods that are commonly used for pre-prepped breakfasts that I would know of off the top of my head would be oatmeal, yogurt, quiche, fruit and berries.
Cora A.
Yogurt and fruit and a healthy granola or cereal! Put all the fruit/granola in a bowl in the fridge and the next day, just add the yogurt! Yum!