Do you have any suggestions for savory breakfasts (apart from eggs and their combinations)?

Paula Z.
A great breakfast who I enjoy is avocado toast, because it’s really easy to make it, and you can top it with anything! (tomatos, mocarella ect.) Also chia puddings are a great breakfast, you prepare them the night before, and it saves time in your morning. You can top it with peanut butter or any other nut butter, nuts and berries.
R My E.
My go-to favorite is avocado toast. I usually keep it simple – mash up the avocado, add some salt, pepper, & olive oil, and spread on sourdough – but you can add all sorts of things to spice it up. Lots of people like adding egg, tomato, radish, and/or lemon, for instance!
Lisa N.
Savory crepes! A crepe is very thin and airy, but you can add a lot of breakfast foods inside. With unlimited options! You can mix and match all sorts of foods such as potatoes, bacon bits, scrambled eggs, cheese, greens, green onions, tomatoes, avocados, ham, turkey… etc etc!
Seth C.
An idea is oatmeal or nutbutter toast (I use peanutbutter) with a glass of milk
Also, I use orgain protein powder in vanilla and it's really good with some chia seeds and hot water (for sore throats I add rose petals for the natural oils but you could do honey) instead of the milk with the oatmeal or toasted bread (with or without butter/jam)
Sara Z.
I really love avocado toast with salt, black pepper and olive oil. toast with spicy hummus and sun dried tomatoes is also great!