Do you have any breakfast foods to recommend that will not make you feel hungry again within the hour?

Siegmund E.
Usually I go with a cereal or some toast, maybe both if I’m really hungry. If I don’t have the time for much, I grab something small to eat and take a snack with me to eat on the way so I don’t get hungry. Plain crackers are really great to fill your stomach if you need to stave off hunger.

Monique R.
Well I eat oatmeal and egg or some other hot cereal and a mug of tea or some other hot drink for you . Something like this keeps me full for like 2 to 3 hours . I eat like 4 times a day . Breakfast , lunch , snack and dinner and lots of water . This is what I do.

Juliana G.
I would recommend greek yogurt, try Chobani and after greek yogurt some nuts. If you are not able to eat nuts or dont like nuts then a low calorie protien bar. This should keep you satisfied until lunch. Keep up the good work and dont give up

Armand F.
I have hot almond milk oat meal sprinkled with chia, peanuts, pumpkin seed, almonds, pecans, flaxseed, brazilian nuts and cinnamon. This breakfast keeps me up longer than most other healthy alternatives

Wyatt W.
I recommend eating fruit, calories and sugars for breakfast: my ideal breakfast includes bread, chocolate and a banana, with some fruit juice and a coffee with milk and sugar to energise my body to approach better to the day.

Matthieu Z.
Yes. Most of the time I eat like a slice of bread with butter and a scrambled egg with some fruit on side. Also other breakfast that I eat is some fruit with yogurt and granola.

Darko X.
I personally like eggs toast and a banana I think is tasty very filling and doesn't make me hungry for two to three hours

Yanis N.
I usually blend up a banana,a splash of milk, scoop of peanut butter, scoop of either hot cocoa mix or some kind of cocoa power woth a dash of sugar and vanilla. Makes a good smoothie, and I'm not even a smoothie person.