I would like to ask for some help amongst the Fabulous members. Because I’m not easily motivated and don’t have much time on my hands, what can I do to ensure that I have a good breakfast without being time consuming in the morning?

Marlies U.
Make sure you always have bananas and nuts at home. You can always grab them to go if you run out of time in the morning and need to leave in a rush. An option I like when I have a few minutes left in the morning is to grab a bowl with some yoghurt (there are also plant based options for that), granola and a chopped up banana.

Miriam Z.
Buy fine oats. It takes only 5 minutes of cooking time, which is shortened by the size of the oats. Make oat porridge with milk. This way you'll get vitamin D and zinc

Eyllen N.
For me meal prep has helped me a lot with food overall. Breakfast and lunch. It takes some time from my Sunday but it help me to be less stress during the week and plan ahead my meals. Which in a way it helped me to save money too! I personally enjoy cooking so it’s something I enjoy

D F.
Make the breakfast before you get up in the morning, such as the night before. Or you could make a simple, healthy breakfast

Lu Ze O.
Hello! I have to admit, that I myself is not so easily motivated. I am not feeling motivated for the most of the time, but I always just force myself to stand up, take my headphones, and do what I have to. When I am not motivated, I can be distracted very easily. The good old classical music is keeping me focused, especially when I listen it with headphones. Headphones doesn't let me hear the surroundings that can distract me. When I don't feel motivated, I say to myself not to take my phone as much as I can. What to do with with breakfast? I can offer you to try to make breakfast in the evening, so you don't have to spend your time in the morning making it. I need to admit, that I haven't tried this by myself, because I always found time for breakfast. I wake up earlier. I hope this helped!

Evelyn G.
You can find a breakfast that you can prepare the night before (while doing dinner, for example) like overnight oats and sandwiches, or just go for things like nuts, granola, yogurts, that can be bought ready and still are good and health options

Holly F.
The best step is to decide what a good breakfast to you is! I'm a very picky eater so there arent a lot of breakfast options for me 🙁 my breakfast is some toast and a nice cup of tea! doesnt take a lot of time, isn't massively healthy but not unhealthy either and it tastes really good 🙂

Jolie F.
I too have trouble at times with motivation. I have found for myself that having a big box of Rice Krispies, milk, a banana & strawberries is quick and easy. But more importantly it keeps me full all throughout the morning. You can always have eggs & veggies on hand to make an omelette on a morning that you have more time. I hope this helps you on your journey.

Sara F.
I have the honor to answer your question, we all have difficulties sometimes and I know that we can all overcome them, you can try something that I personally tried, which is trying to combine two works at the same time, such as preparing a wonderful breakfast while you dance to your favorite song! I wish you a happy day

Miss N.
Hello there! Try to meal prep your breakfast on the weekend if you have time. When you do that, you can make breakfast a great grab-and-go, healthy breakfast for the week. Try watching the channel Clean & Delicious on YouTube for some clean and healthy breakfast ideas. I hope this helps you!

M S.
Preparation is key! You can prep the night or weekend before. Some quick foods are nuts+bananas (my go-to), hard-boiled eggs, and fruits.

Olive O.
Keep some cut up avocado in the fridge for toast in the morning, if that’s what you like. You can also make healthy smoothies! Use protein powder and bananas and whatever else you like! Also porridge/oatmeal is okay, too.

I’m not very sure what else, I’m just a kid, but I hope I could help 😄

Erin S.
I keep breakfast bars and hand fruit in the house so I can grab it while my coffee brews. Another great option is hard boiled eggs or make ahead egg muffins!

Leo F.
Hello Team member ! I really recommend smoothies for you, protein bars, and milkshakes powder full of vitamines, magnesium and a all what you need for an energetic day if you don't have time! Here's the link https://www.foreverliving.fr/produits/fitness-et-minceur/forever-ultra-lite-plus.html keeep it up! 💡