What can I eat as a snack (other than fruit)?

Rosemary E.
Well, I make a tuna salad. If you don't like it you can make fresh juice, or that new trend on tiktok were you get fruit put it in a bowl pot coconut water on it and ice and eat it
Karla C.
Oat Porridge is healthy and filling so it stops you eating unhealthy snacks for the rest of the day (I like to add fruit and a bit of sugar to my porridge)
Scott Z.
I think sometimes when we feel like snacking, we tend to gravitate towards sugary foods like chocolate and so on…
For me, I enjoy dark chocolate with no added sugars, homemade healthy cookies or cupcakes, also for salty foods, crackers are good. Just make sure it's healthy with no high content of sugar or saturated fat aswell as salt.
Gabin Y.
nuts are great cus they have good cholesterol and are heart healthy. if u are hungry make some scrambled eggs and sit down and eat it. if you’re just feeling snacky, then have some homemade popcorn. u can control salt levels this way. A lot of recipes tells you to add oil but i have figured out a way to add it to a dry pot. just make sure you shake it constantly once it starts popping. Make sure you under estimate how much popcorn kernels u need since the volume gets much bigger. Hope it works for u!
Darrell U.
Usually what I have as a snack is rice cracks with margarine or provitas with marmite, it's nice and light and doesn't spoil your lunch or dinner.
Zulmira E.
Literally anything!!
It could be a piece of bread with cheese/chocolate/avocado/hummus/any dip, or candy, or ice cream, or a smoothie, or crisps, or veggies with dip, or leftovers… There is no right or wrong answer, listen to your body.
Gustav Z.
You can take a slice of bread, cut it in half, and make a mini cucumber and cream cheese sandwich! Carrot sticks dipped in hummus are also nice. 😀
Philip B.
My favorite snacks ever are some homemade vegan cookies (with oat flour some peanut butter, cacao powder) or some green apples with almond yogurt and granola as dressing