What’s the best possible breakfast?

Sasha O.
Well I would eat a burrito along Side a shake or pancakes .But usually I eat a burrito with a shake and waffles /pancakes.Hope this answers you have a good life
Randy X.
An everything bagel with avocado, egg, butter, and bacon. It’s got fats, carbs, and proteins so it’ll keep you full for awhile. I like to pair it with green tea.
Leanne X.
I am one of those people that don't wakeup hungry, so I grab a banana , some grapes and then 1hr later I will have 2 pouched eggs for breakfast.
Ella Z.
My favorite breakfast is French toast, but healthier and not sweet, with eggs, whole weat bread and oatmeal milk. I also eat it with vegetables, an apple and some tea 🙂