What are some good breakfast ideas?

Sam B.
○ Corn flakes or Cereals with milk, dry nuts, fruits.
○ Smoothie bowl ( of your favourite flavour) with lots of fruits.
○ Sunny side up with bread and veggies.
Dick C.
I love eating fruit, cutting it and getting it ready the night before helps a lot with the busy schedule. I also use to go cups when I'm running late. But on weekends I go all in with waffles, pancakes, bacon and eggs! Breakfast is my favorite meal!
Tallulah O.
I love making myself smoothies lately. Using real ingredients and you can keep your day moving and include it either protein powder or peanut butter to bet your protein in.
Smoothy I made today was:
– 1.5 cups frozen blueberries
– 1 banana
– 2 oranges ( juice only)
– 10 cilantro leaves
It's a great one for removing heavy metals because of the antioxidant properties.
Sam B.
A sandwich with something I like, I had peneutbutter with bananas today, wasn't that good but all right. And a piece of fruit is always a good choice to go with breakfast!!
Mildred J.
You can never go wrong with a bagel and cream cheese but other good ideas include toast with peanut butter and honey on top, a variety of sliced fruit in a bowl, some cereal or a granola valley bar are good choices when you're in a rush.
Sam B.
I think that a good breakfast is something that you will look forward to and enjoy eating, I think that it should be able to fill you up and you should be able to feel healthy afterwards
Tallulah O.
If you dont have much time – Banana, apple, a protein bar and a few resins will give yku the energy for the day.
If you have time – Oatmeal, Almond milk, berries, whole grain cereals, yogurt, smoothie and eggs
Mandy W.
Sometimes my place in the morning could be so cold, even if it is not raining, is nice to drink something warm like maybe coffee, tea, or maybe warm milk.
Sam B.
I make in the morning eggs with some tomatoes with a bit of salt and then i put 2 slices of bacon near my eggs. After finishing my meal I eat 1 or 2 bananas to give me the energy I need.
Adam W.
If you are like me and don't eat a lot in the morning, a bowl of cereal is great. You can add milk or no milk and you can add any cereal if your choice. You can also have a sandwhich like I do on Saturdays and Sundays. You can have the sandwhich, toasted, with just butter or cheese or anything you like. There are loads of options out there. Maybe have a smoothie and some crackers? Maybe have a fruit like a banana or apple. A breakfast can be anything your heart desires 🙂
Sam B.
My favorite breakfast by far is a toast with low cal whole wheat bread, mashed avocado and crispy salty baked tofu cubes with like fruit or cherry tomatoes on the side
Tallulah O.
There are simple and complex breakfast ideas. If you don’t have much time and want something more simple then go for a healthy cereal, toast, bagel, fruit, yogurt, smoothie or a parfait. If you want something a little more complex do something like waffles, pancakes, smoothie bowls, buffet or more! The healthier the better.
Tallulah O.
I am fan of salty breakfast so for me a great breakfast is scrambled tofu with garlic and tomato with toast or waffles, I sometimes want something deer and make waffles with fruit, I try to eat sth that fulls me and fuels me as well, it’s my favorite food of the day
Sam B.
banana or an apple with peanut butter; mixed nuts like almonds or walnuts; plain sugar free yogurt; eggs; plain oatmeal with honey or nuts without sugar
Micael S.
I feel like a good English breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage and baked beans is a good breakfast. It keeps you full for a long time. Oatmeal with banana also keeps you full for a long time, and is very quick.
Kirk E.
Well, this days I ate seeds like almond, raisins and peanuts, also eggs and fruit. I haven't thought of new ideas of a good breakfast.
Villads U.
Eggs are great. They are easy to mix with all sorts of things. Various meats (sausage, ham, etc. ) or vegetables (spinach, bell pepper, etc. ) can easily be mixed into some scrambled eggs or an omelette. Some cereals are good because they are quick but it gets bad when there is too much sugar.
Bebiano A.
I normally have fruit smoothies or fruit salads with nuts, or cereal with yogurt or vegetable based milks.
I also eat oat meal with almond milk or coconut milk, and dry fruit mix.
Other thing I usually eat is eggs with different vegetables, and some times I add one quesadilla as a complement.
Doris A.
Best breakfast ideas can be Eggs, Coffee, salads, tea, omelette, Fresh fruits, cereal's, juice, milk, Bread, Toast , etc. From these you can not only fill your hungriness but can also fresh of your mood
Tallulah O.
So far I've been eating more fruit and granola. If I'm in a rush or I have time to plan the night before I make a smoothie to drink for the morning.
Tallulah O.
i enjoy havung nutritious foods that fill me up so i am not hungry later. as a person who struggles with eating too much, nurishing myself early on helps me continue focused throughout the day. examples would be oatmeal, a smoothie, an egg sandwhich with meat and veg, or an ommlete. anything can really be breakfast, but its important to have that first meal.
Tallulah O.
To me is having a big breakfast but not too much. And its gotta be healthy food. Dont eat dinner for breakfast. Like pizza and whatsoever. Y'all get the point
Tallulah O.
honestly i don’t eat breakfast that often, but it’s mostly because of my time contraint in the morning before I go to work. The easiest and healthiest way to fill up in the morning is eggs, and I would suggest a simple omelet or scrambled eggs with some sort of fruits and meat protein. If I’m really running late, then I blend up a frozen fruit smoothie and drink it on my way to work.
Tallulah O.
Any breakfast that contains proteins (egg, nuts or a small amount of meat) and vegetables or fruit with a small dairy product will be a great mix
Tallulah O.
Protein food like nuts,eggs are perfect for breakfast. Oatmeal,whole wheat bread sandwiches,fruits,green veggies and salads! Multigrain roti, protein bars and many other things! The main thing is to have proteins as they are healthy for you and give you the proper energy for your day! Avoid sugar for breakfast! It gives you a power surge for 30 mins or maybe an hour and then you are back to being exhausted again!
Alo S E.
I usually eat half a grapefruit and a cup of coffee to encourage weight loss. I’ve also been looking into cream of wheat considering it’s high nutrient content, but I’ll have to try it regularly for myself before I recommend anything.
Evamaria Z.
I love breakfast but, as I’m french my family and I always eat a lot of bread with jam in the morning. And in addition to that we drink hot chocolate. So in conclusion there aren’t a lot of healthy products. But what I love to do for breakfast is porridge. You just cut some fruit put it in a saucepan with some spices like either cinnamon or vanilla and some sweetener. Then you add just a little milk when the fruits begin to caramelise. When the milk begins to boil, add the porridge and stir until it thickens how you want it. Serve then in a bowl with again some fruits, some nuts some nut cream and enjoy. Another breakfast that I love is a greenies. If you have some not so fresh anymore fruits left over use them with water and some green (spinach or carrotgreen or something else of your choice) put it all in a mixer and mix for 30 seconds. The greenies is finished. I hope it’ll help.
Tallulah O.
My mom cooks my food,but sometimes I don't like that because she gives me leftover food or unhealthy food so that's why I will start to cook my own food
Tallulah O.
i like to make fried egg on toast with some fried tomato on the side because it’s quick and easy for me and still healthy.
Tallulah O.
I love sweet breaktfast. The best option for me are oats with fruit and cinnamon/peanut butter/honey. Homemade granola with yoghurt and fruit is a good breakfast too. And I drink tea with my breakfast.
Kathy T.
Yogurt with granola or some fresh fruit. You can also have bread and some eggs with it and bacon for a good full breakfast.
Reimer U.
I like to have fruits with my breakfast because I find them refreshing and I like teas too. I just have a fancy for tea so tea is good and some salad too. I am also open to greens in my breakfast menu
Tallulah O.
Oatmeal, tuna sandwich, eggs, granola with Greek yogurt, and smoothie bowl (you can add Greek yogurt to the mix). Stay healthy!:)
Ruben O.
2 eggs with blackpepper, salt and with the spices you like; 1 cup oatmeal with some milk, blueberries, cinnamon and honey.
Edward X.
I live in India so I eat Poha, or one good paratha with some milk or tea sometime
It gives you energy till the time of lunch or even more
Sam B.
Granola with Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Maybe a banana as well.
Or nature's cereal, all the fruits