What are some other healthy and vegan quick breakfasts?

Victor U.
Chia seed pudding! Simple: non dairy alternative milk, chia seeds and time! After 12 hours of marinating the seeds soften and bloom—coupled with raspberries and chopped (10) almonds is a energetic and filling start. I usually try to eat a banana and apple a day plus a B12 vitamin and shot of apple cider vinegar in hot water to balance me out. Do not neglect water in the morning!

Di Na O.
I love the chia seed pudding with banana, raspberries, coconut chips and some almond or other plant based milk. Also I love eggs – boiled, omelet, fried etc. In breakfast I mostly eat protein rather than carbohydrates

Tatiana N.
I honestly prefer to have some green tea and toasts with butter and ham. But vegetarians can always have other things in toasts.

Frederik A.
Smoothie with oat or almond milk. Freeze a portion of your favourite fruits the night before (include a frozen banana for creamier smoothie) and add to milk. I also add a handful of almonds or a spoonful of peanut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds and sometimes a scoop of vegan protein powder. Go wild!

Julie J.
My standard breakfast is porridge with chia seeds, banana, blueberries, and raisins with plant milk. It takes about 5 mins to prepare, is extremely tasty and good for you. However if this is too time consuming overnight oats are good, or fruit and fibre cereal, even just some fruit is a great way to start your day.

Austin C.
A healthy and quick vegan breakfast is vegan muffins (pre-made, refrigerated and warmed on the morning of choice) with scrambled tofu. Lots of bell peppers julienne, tomatoes and spinach as toppings, then finally add a vinaigrette or dressing of choice (optional).

Claudia P.
I eat soy yoghurt with oats and fresh fruit and seeds for example.
Or do you know if you put chia seeds with any plant based milk overnight it will become like a yoghurt structure?

Sometimes I struggle with yogurts and want something more savory, then I eat bread with peanut butter and cucumber.

Potato C.
Sometimes just fruit is great. Or if you have more time, if you freeze some fruit the night before you could do a fruit smoothie with almond or rice milk.

Anne N.
You can eat : a toast (avocado,banana), vegan tart, vegetable milk (almond,soy,rice,oatmeal..), vegan chocolate spread, jam, coffee, barley, biscuits or snacks that don’t contain milk,butter and eggs. (You can find them in almost every supermarket!)

Quinty Q.
I like to eat crackers in the morning. You can put so many different things on them. My favorite is crackers with hummus and cucumber, but peanutbutter and cucumber go well together too. You can try many combinations, maybe with fruits? When I still feel hungry I sometimes eat vegan yoghurt with it.

Vito I.
I genuinely like to have microwaved rolled oats with blueberries and raspberries. But it does taste better when it is cooked on the stove.

Gabriel O.
Avocado and toast is probably the only thing I eat for breakfast that is vegan? Though I have had some really good vegan cheeses that I made with cashews before that was delicious!

Carolina Q.
I like have avocado toast or a banana. If you like nuts I would incorporate those into breakfast as well. If you are looking for more ideas I would go on Pinterest. There are literally thousands of vegan prep meal ideas. YouTube also has some as well.

Monika C.
I always recommend oatmeal with anything you currently have at home. I also like sandwiches with hummus and salads made from anything from your fridge.

Cassandra Y.
My favourite vegan breakfast (or a snack) is multi grain toast, Vegemite, and avocado, followed by a banana! 😍 So delicious, and keeps me full until lunch!

Estella P.
Oats, soy milk, nuts and berries always work for me, and they never get full because you can switch up the ingredients anytime! It's a nutritious combination that's also good for the skin due to its vitamin content – perfect for me since my skin breaks out now and then.

Doris E.
(dried) fruits, oatmeal (with soymilk), easy to eat veggies such as baby carrots or bell peppers, vegan breakfast burrito

Eva Y.
I guess I’m not sure if it’s completely vegan as I am not but I love over night oats. I make them for the whole week in mason jars. I use quick oats, almond milk, almond yogurt, I do use honey to sweeten but you can use maple syrup or leave it out all together I like strawberries or blueberries in mine with flax seed and chia seeds. Yum and gives you so much energy. ^-^