What is your go to breakfast when running late?

Alix O.
So, I would make a quick smoothy, with some nuts, banana, some milk, and some cinnamon. Or do it with berries and no cinnamon. Otherwise I would recommend buying small packaged food that will allow you to heat it for 1 minute in the microwave and then you can leave with it.
Flavie O.
I try to keep things on hand that I can grab quickly in the morning if I am running late such as hard boiled eggs or overnight oats. Usually I pack my breakfast with my lunch so it is ready in the morning if I am running late or not. This takes stress off of me and allows me to have a calmer morning routine.
Luis C.
Usually I have about 14 perfect bars in my fridge at all times just for the occasion. It’s filled with nutrients and absolutely delicious.
Manal O.
Well it depends on the mood as well , often I will get just a cup of coffee and I'm ready to go ! But if I feel like I need something to nourish myself as quick as possible , I'm gonna eat some fruit or maybe a basic Moroccan salad .
Kirk F.
My go to breakfast when i’m running late would be a healthy sandwich. Whole wheat bread or pita bread, with your choice of leafy greens, tomato, and chicken breast strips or turkey breast slices. It tastes great on its own but even better if you spread some type spread on it. Sometimes even when I don’t have any spread I’ll make use of what I have, like hummus or artichoke/spinach dips, which is my favorite.

Other days I’ll make a green/fruit smoothie with oat/almond milk, a bunch of greens, a bunch of berries, bananas, and sometimes I’ll add in peanut butter (to the fruit smoothie).

Alexander Y.
I always have in my fridge some chopped fruit, in portions. When I'm late, I just grabe a portion and eat it or take with me to work or school and eat there.
An yogurt is also a great option, although, personally I'm not a fan of the taste. For dairy, I prefer cheese 🙂
Mariani U.
Smoothie: Fruit, cereal, milk, yogurt..
If it’s really late, if I’m really in a hurry I always have protein bars and bananas but that is really my last resort, Breakfast is the most important thing so NEVER skip it!!!
Homa X.
If I don't feel like making breakfast or I'm in too much of a hurry, I usually eat cheese with bread (my favorite is barbari but it's not easy to find in other countries. Whole breads or fiber-rich breads are great), walnuts and a cup of sweetened tea.

If I'm so late that I can't even have that, a few date palms with milk usually can keep me up and running for hours.

Beautiful N.
Green smoothies. I like to add 2 green vegetables and a fruit. It could be kale, spinach, and apple. It could be celery, cactus, and orange. You can cut up different options and freeze them in a reusable zip lock bags and then just add them to your blender before heading out.
Phoebe T.
When I am running late for school I like to have a chease stick and a hard boiled egg. The combo gives me enough energy to get through the day without feeling sluggish.
Dyana W.
I make overnight oatmeal or chia pudding the night before, so I can just grab it and go. One of my favorite chia pudding is matcha with coconut. Sometimes, I grab one of my smoothie freezer packs and whiz one in my personal blender.