Is it ok to have brunch for breakfast?

Jeppe W.
It is not okay because you have already waited to late to fuel your body. You need to eat by 30 minutes after waking up in order for body to begin burning fat.
Daisy E.
I think so! Especially if it’s still your first meal of the day! Just be sure to follow the same basic principle of making healthy choices and you should be good. 🙂
Wiltrud F.
It could be okay to have brunch for breakfast. It depends if on if your getting the protein and nutrients you want/need. If you keep it heathly brunch for breakfast shouldnt be to bad.
Anita F.
My impression is that having a small amount of protein early on—a hard-boiled egg, for example—satiates you and prevents your body from going into starving mode where your metabolism slows—the opposite of what you want. It also prevents the drop in blood sugar followed by the spike when you eat again at noon. Healthy metabolism is keeping your blood sugar as even as possible with frequent small meals so having a big brunch won’t do that. Also depends on what you eat—protein and complex carbs will be healthier than simple carbs. So it’s fine to do, but better if you have some protein early on.
Dawn E.
Brunch for me is all about indulgence and less about the time of day. But indulging all the time isn’t really good for us.

I would say as a treat, a holiday, or a special occasion brunch for breakfast is totally OK!

But you probably shouldn’t do French Toast everyday 🤠

Sarah F.
I don’t see why not! As long as you’re eating healthy.
My guess is the aim would be to focus on breakfast though: by doing so you would in theory be up earlier and therefore have more time to devote to other healthy endeavors.
Good luck!
Katrine Z.
It is better to start the day with a healthy breakfast but if you get up late or have a sleep in having brunch is still better than waiting for lunch
Johnni F.
It depends on when you wake up. You shouldn't wait hours to eat something. But if you sleep in on weekends, and wake up at 9:30 (just an example), having brunch at 10:30/11 shouldn't be a problem.
Rene U.
I would eat something small when you wake up to tie you over until it's time for brunch. I just don't do well if I don't eat within an hour of waking.
Lucas F.
We are all living according to different work hours, wake up hours, LIFE hours. I think it’s best to have a healthy breakfast most of the time but if you want to have brunch… have brunch! Live it up! Of course you can have brunch ❤️ Brunch is good for the soul. Especially when brunching with friends. I often eat breakfast a little later… some of us like to eat later. Myself included. Brunch is ok 👌🏻
Acilino Z.
Hi! I'm pretty new here in the community but before I started using Fabulous I have already been doing Intermittent Fasting and brunch has actually become a routine for me. There is definitely nothing wrong with brunch! Especially for people who are too busy in the morning to eat breakfast or who wake up later than others in the morning!
Annette Q.
I would assume in general no but it probably depends on the type of brunch foods you're having (i.e. avocado toast vs pancakes)
Cassiano N.
Yes it is, but it depends on what your stomach agrees to or not. Brunch to me includes more protein, so just be mindful to what your stomach is telling you
M Lina W.
As long as you eat it within an hour of getting up and eat very little to none of the unhealthier items. There's so many options for a brunch menu, it's hard to be absolute.
Kitty J.
Yes, because to say I’d always have to be up at 5:30am to make breakfast at a “breakfast” time is in realistic and there are days where it is nice to sleep in. Brunch is often associated as well with social events in which it makes it nice to come together as a group and eat.
Landon J.
Why not? As long as it's the exception to the rule not a habit in and of itself. Breakfast needs to be somewhat early so you feel active earlier.
Oscar U.
Yes as long as its enough for a meal. Having brunch is not equal for 2 meals or not representing eating breakfast and lunch at once.
Shane N.
I assume you eat only two meals a day(?). That's fine (there are even benefits from doing so).

Eating "brunch" is ok, if:
– it's a healthy, nutritious meal;
– it has plenty of "good" calories to get you through the day until suppertime
– It's best not to make a habit of eating at brunch-time (Fabulous suggest eating no more than an hour after waking up). If this isn't a habit you don't already follow, maybe you could aim for this goal (ie. eating "brunch" at breakfast-time)?

Could you prepare/buy your brunch beforehand, so that you could eat it earlier in the day? (You could still continue your two-meals-a-day routine this way, just with a longer period between meals). How about a healthy snack midway between meals?).

Kordula F.
Yes that’s fine. Two big meals in the daytime is enough. Make sure that you’re getting your protein and perhaps eat a piece of fresh fruit for a snack in the afternoon.
Nicole Z.
I think eat less and more often will be a healthy way to maintain nutrition. If I have breakfast earlier and I take few fruit or milk for brunch, I consider it's ok to do so.
Sofia G.
If you've missed breakfast for whatever reason, you don't have to wait for lunchtime, brunch is also great to top you up if you're starting to feel low. I like to have fruit/nuts/rice cakes or toasted things and coffee 🙂
L Zaro F.
It is better to have a small protein packed breakfast early morning to get your body going, even if it is just an apple or a handful of nuts. Eggs are best.
Storm W.
I think so! I think the important thing is to establish healthy routines so that we can develop my trust in our instincts about our bodies. If brunching feels good, it feels good! As long as we're feuling ourselves for the day ahead and not allowing it to push our whole food schedule–eating too close to bedtime disrupts metabolism.
Th Odore F.
If by brunch you mean having your first meal later in the morning, then yes; I think that’s perfectly fine. Possibly better, because it prolongs your fasting period which is good for insulin sensitivity and weightloss.
Russell E.
I would think yes, as long as you're giving your body the nutrients it needs before you start your day! Maybe if brunch is really a "lunch" and you're busy before then, you might want a small breakfast to jump start your day.
Gerry J.
Sure! Be liberal on what you count as breakfast — the important thing is to get into the habit. I'd say your first meal of the day is 'breakfast' — because you're breaking your fasting.
Maja U.
YeahYeah I think it's okay to have brunch for breakfast but I would most say that if I skip breakfast I don't eat till after midday sometimes. I think it's probably best to eat when you're hungry however breakfast is sometimes a good habit to get into has then allows for the day to roll out the way you plan
Benjamin Y.
When I give workshops I like to get an early start, just have some coffee and fruit. Then have a good break at brunch 11h00. The second session then can go through to 17h00
Line Z.
Yes breakfast only means break your overnight fast whenever you do it or whatever you have. As long as your consumption is considered & healthy in size & content, then brunch for breakfast is fine.
Camille U.
I don’t believe that brunch makes up for a good breakfast. Eating a well balanced breakfast early in the day will give your body the components it needs to stay fueled throughout the day. I personally would stick to eating a healthy breakfast at the beginning of my day instead of waiting until brunch.
Candice Z.
I guess it all depends on what your definition of “brunch” is. If it’s bottomless mimosas with donuts, then no. But for myself, I’m practicing intermittent fasting so I don’t eat “breakfast” until closer to lunchtime.
Lola E.
I usually eat breakfast right after I wake up, brush my teeth, and change clothes to reduce the cravings for snacks and other items. I advise you to stick with breakfast and no other items of food, except for water, eaten before breakfast so you can eat a full good breakfast so no cravings swill pop up before lunch.
Albert Y.
I don’t know if it matters? What IS your brunch?
Personally I decide what I’ll have for breakfast after getting up, but I’m not always ready for it-so sometimes it’s ‘brunch’ by the time I eat it. Is what you have for brunch strange?! Quality will be better than quantity here; so long as it’s something healthy and will keep you going (I always have a banana or I don’t make it to lunch/eat a bad lunch!) then it should be fine 🙂 …so long as you are eating and not skipping that is! X
Andrea T.
In my opinion it is. Even a healthy dinner can be breakfast. I’d like to try drinking soup in the morning. In Asia most people believe warm meals are kinder for your body than cold ones.