Are eggs healthy every day?

Belina P.
I think as long as your balancing eggs with different vitamins, nutrients, proteins, etc, that they are okay everyday. Especially since they make an easy and healthy breakfast.

Josefine U.
I think they are one of the healthiest foods out there. Full of complete proteins. I think everyone should eat eggs every day. Unless they are allergic of course. 🙂

Ilan Z.
I believe that eggs are healthy but I feel that variety is the best for life and happiness. Our lives are filled with so much beauty and diversity. I would recommend that many different foods should be sampled during our lives because variety is so much a part of a vibrant life.

Hans H U.
Eggs are cheap, healthy and get be prepared multiple ways, but you shouldn't eat more than 2-3 per day according to a quick Google search.

Eden E.
I guess it would depend on whether you over-salt them, as I sometimes do. Even when using a “Light” salt. 😂

Eggs do have a certain amount of cholesterol. You could always buy those cartons they sell at the store, with less yolk or only whites.

I have been eating scrambled eggs on toast almost every day since I started on this app (I sometimes vary this by eating a plain, ham sandwich instead…)

Alfred O.
I think if you have an egg a day it's not bad for you. Especially if you are trying to lose weight as they have protien and are low in calories

Alexander C.
I don’t eat everyday. Its a very good and healthy food but also with side effect for adults. To avoid the risk of building up cholesterols, I eat one egg twice a week.

Daniel Z.
one morning I do eggs, another day smoothie with berries with oats and almond milk or water, and today I am gonna have flakes cheesios with milk..
if eggs are heathly every day i am not sure but if you listen your body it will tell you what to eat and how often 🙏🏻

Ma Lyne E.
The whites from the eggs are very healthy as it’s 100% protein. The yellow however should not be eaten every day as it has saturated fat that turns into cholesterol when we digest it.

Sammy R.
I think eggs are healthy to eat everyday. I have about three to five eggs everyday as part of my conscious diet as a source of protein and they taste great, are quick and versatile. They work for me as they support a continued healthy eating regime – for these reasons above nutritional factors.

Jonathan G.
No you probably shouldn’t eat eggs every day but they are good for you in general. Mix in veggies and keeping a diverse diet is probs better than eggs every day

Amanda E.
Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamins. I eat one or two hard boiled eggs most mornings. Hard boiled is easy to make ahead of time or the morning off, low clean up time, and portable if I’m on the run. I know that they’ve been in the health spotlight again this year, but the general consensus still is that one to three eggs (depending on your needs) are fine. Check out this critique on Runners World :

Isabell U.
I think so! Eggs are packed with protein and healthy fats, so they make a great base to a well rounded meal. Eggs are also very versatile. You can cook them a thousand different way with a thousand different ingredients, and they still be satisfying.

Lucy O.
Yes. It's full of protein and many more. Also, its cholestrol is balanced between good and bad cholestrol so it's pretty much safe unless you have cholestrol related disease before.

Lana Y.
As long as you are balancing your breakfast then it's ok. I like to switch it up a few days a week by doing oatmeal with fruit and nuts instead of eggs bacon and toast

Marsha O.
I don't think so becauseca if you eat same food regularly it will enhance one type of nutrition and deficit for orher type of nutrition that Is wrong

Greg W.
I think it depends on how mucmuch you like eggs, you don't want to start your day off dreading what you are eating. However, they are a good source of lean protein which is a great start for your day.

Magnus Z.
Eggs are great for you, they provide lots of protein and other good things we need. However, having something every day can be "too much of a good thing", and we can get fed up with it or it's not good for us.

Teresa Y.
Yes. Eggs are full of nutrients to power you through your day. Don't skip the yolk as this contains the most nutrients.

Dylan E.
Eggs have tons of protein and keep you full for longer than any other breakfast food. Scrambled are in my opinion better because you get the full effect. Just a small amount can go a long way.

Zoe C.
I don’t think that any of the same food every day will be healthy. It’s about variety and further attitude, not only about amount of calories or vitamins.

Guenter U.
Eggs are very good for you! Consider trying to find eggs from hens that live free-range, such as yard eggs from neighbors that keep chickens or from your local farmer’s market. And always try to eat a vegetable along with your eggs. Try throwing a little spinach in with your eggs when they are almost done!

Maristela E.
Check out the nutrition studies from – the studies are explained so well. They have topics from eggs to alcohol.

Daniel P.
Eggs are very high in cholesterol so don’t eat then every single day. The clear part is actually more healthy and has more protein than the yolk. Eggs are good in small amounts 🙂

Alicia Y.
Thankfully yes! While they do have a lot of fat in the yolks, eggs are a filling high-protein option. Most healthy adults can consume one or two eggs every day.

Flenn P.
It depends on how one means by "eggs every day." Eating only eggs every day would not obtain one's goal of having a balanced diet. Though having eggs for breakfast along with other foods rich in different vitamins every day is healthy indeed.

Lorival Z.
As long as you enjoy a regular fitness routine, daily eggs are just fine! Feel free to switch to egg whites if that would make you more comfortable eating eggs daily.

Noah P.
Yes but it depends on what other proteins you're eating throughout your day.
Most Australians and Americans are eating too much protein, we should cut back a bit, otherwise excess protein is wasted, secreted or stored as fat for later use.
I try to mix it up, one day I'll have eggs at breakfast as my main protein for the day, other days I'll make tofu, nuts and seeds my main intake.

Dogan X.
Organic eggs are healthy. I eat whole rice, oats, buckwheat for breakfast. I probably should eat eggs more often, however I doubt that eggs are healthy to eat every day and I certainly woudn't eat them every day.

Rafaele F.
Yes. I usually eat only the white part of the eggs as I need more protien. Having eggs every day in breakfast is a great thing and it is healthy.

Scarlett U.
I believe that it is okay to eat eggs for breakfast every single day and can be quite healthy to do so. In addition to the benefits of being a total package in regards to proteins and other nutrients, eggs are easy to prepare. This makes for the consistency of the benefit to be accessible. You do need to be aware of maintaining a proper egg white/yolk ratio to ensure that you aren't intaking too much cholesterol, but eating a lot of high fiber foods will assist with this.

Alizee O.
A varried breakfast is more healthy, but if you need your proteins every day, than eggs could be the source even every day

Alison E.
Yes , eggs are always healthy cause their reach un protein ans rive the body the requirement promotions of Calcium that he needs which help it grow more in a healthier way . Also Eggs are contributeurs for the growth of hair , nails and muscle .
Si having an egg or two in the morning can help significally your body to survive the day and to be in shape .

Claire Y.
Yes, however you shouldn’t eat too many eggs per day as the yolk contain a high level of cholesterol. A huge consumption of eggs can therefore lead to greater risk of heart disease.

Irene J.
Yes, science proves that eating up to 3 eggs a day is perfectly safe for healthy people. It raises your HDL (good cholesterol)

S L Ne O.
Up to three eggs a day is perfectly healthy! I like to do either egg and avocado on toast or oatmeal with sliced up apples every morning. They are both super easy and fast and gives somewhat of a variety if that’s what you’re worried about

Lance O.
Its really up to you what you eat. I wouldn't say they are unhealthy but I would say that if you are only ever eating eggs then you are potentially missing out on other nutrients that you could get from other foods. They key is to try and get a lot of different nutrients every day

Adam A.
They do have a lot of protein and they are healthier substitutes to your usual sugar filled breakfast but too much of one thing can be bad too. Things in moderation are often best in my opinion. Also eating the same thing everyday can get a little boring. What do you think?

Bela E.
Eggs can be healthy but I think if are having them everyday that may start to defeat the point of being healthy. Change things up once and a while.

Karl Georg O.
I don’t think they’re healthy every day because of the saturated fat content, but several a week prepared in a low fat way can be a good source of protein.

Andrea G.
It's good to have variation in your diet, but eggs are generally very healthy and contain lots of protein. If you cook them in a variety of ways with other ingredients or sides you should be fine.

Karlfried Q.
From a health standpoint I’d say yes, even for those watching cholesterol levels. I’m not a subject matter expert, but I have read numerous articles surrounding the topic of eggs. I think the more important topic is the preparation of the eggs. It is easy to make eggs “bad” for you, but if the alternative is a meal packed with processed sugars and white flour I’d say fry those eggs in some bacon grease and dig in! The only reason I would say no to the question is to avoid egg burnout. Change up your meal every few days.

Eliott Y.
The science is clear that up to 3 whole eggs per day are perfectly safe for healthy people. Summary Eggs consistently raise HDL (the “good”) cholesterol. For 70% of people, there is no increase in total or LDL cholesterol

Isaac C.
I believe so however I am always open to new ideas and understandings so that I can make the most important educated desitions in my life and everyday so I can help myself through positive change so that I can have the physical and mental strength I need to best stay in a positive energised well nurished humanly way
So my mind can have the clarity it needs to teach me them us and they so please I encourage you to share with all anything wish you may wish to say and always remember there's nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as our intentions are good and we only seek positive change with the truths we seek to light the way
So please I ask what is your answer to this question you say

Are eggs healthy everyday?

The pen is mightier then the sword and these are the groundworks we lay
In a persuit of happiness we all about this

Kitty N.
Eggs are healthy to eat everyday, it contains a lot of protein. I personally like to have one or two eggs every morning. You can change up the eggs (scrambled, sunny-side-up, etc. ) if I get bored of it.

Julia F.
Yes, it is a good source of protein however many people get sick of it and eat another source of protein. Eggs also have vitamin c

Tina Q.
Yes, but don't eat eggs everyday. Eat eggs for 2 to 3 Days and the remaining days go for some fresh fruits, nuts ,almonds .
It wil boost your capacity as well as energy to work more and even better.

Robert Z.
There have been a lot of debates around this topic. I was once going for egg white only for a while until there are saying about egg yolk is healthy cholesterol for one's body. I personally think one per day shall be fine and it is a great source for daily protein.

Sina N.
Yes, but there are a lot of plant-based protein sources, such as flax seeds, that are similar in composition and nutritional value.

Everett A.
Yes somehow because I don't have precise knowledge of that but I know they are good for health but it also bring colestrol issues along with heat generation in body.

Vera I.
Personally, I think eggs are fine every day. Eggs are a great source of protein and a great way to start your day. We are a spoiled because we have chickens so it feels very healthy to eat eggs from our very own happy chickens. Chickens and ducks are the best so think about adding them to your family. You will love how they brighten your life. Try not to eat eggs from factory chickens!

Carl C.
The answer is no. In a study which I read about on Google, which says that if you eat an egg, four times a week, youre 37% less likely to develop type-2 diabetes. The reason being when you eat high protein food like an egg for breakfast, you actually consume fewer calories the rest of the day, therefore you weigh less in the end.
Selmaan A. Ali

Alexandre T.
Eggs are a good source of protein. People used to say not to have more than 3 eggs a week, but this myth has been debunked. A soft boiled egg in the morning is an excellent way to start your day. Bon appetit!

Est Ban E.
I dont eat eggs everyday because they can potentially make my cholesterol high but I need the protein! So I alternate ans listen to my body. There are so many things to use as a substitute like Lox, Grilled Chicken, etc. Both pair well with mesclun greens and I slice of toast with hummus as a spread!

Sara F.
Maybe not every day (all things in moderation!) but during the week they fill me up for longer during work. I have more time on the weekends to eat (and snack!).

Antonio P.
Yes! Studies have disprove my anybody link between eggs and high cholesterol ages ago, so having 2 eggs a day is really staple of a good diet in my opinion – especially for breakfast.

Svea F.
I actually don’t know if it’s healthy to have everyday. I know they are a great breakfast in the morning, I just don’t know the statistics or anything.

Adrien P.
I'm no nutritionist, but eggs CAN be healthy everyday, depending on the individual and their cholestorol levels. But again, I'm no expert.

Oc Ane Y.
I think so long as you prepare them in a variety of ways and incorporate other healthy ingredients into your meals like adding peppers/onions/garlic/etc.

C Lestin O.
Eggs yolks can increase your cholesterol levels so I tend to eat more egg white than yolks and I won’t have eggs in the morning if I’m not working that day. I try to alternate between different breakfast foods with protein to make sure my cholesterol levels stay normal

Lonnie E.
I don't know if it's healthy to eat eggs everyday. But I like varying my meal so I won't eat eggs today if I've eaten it yesterday and 2 days before.

Oliv Rio N.
As far as I know, not really. I am from Italy and here doctors say we should not eat more than 4 eggs per week due to cholesterol – but of course we eat more than that, also because many of our popular meals are made out of eggs. Anyway, I usually try not to eat more than 6 per week!

Nereu Q.
Yes, but I dont like that I am paying for an app that I am continually asked me questions that people pay me to answer in my line of work. Is this a life coach app or am I just paying you to harvest information from me.