How soon after waking do you eat breakfast?

Rachel Z.
As soon as I wake up, I drink my water and take a couple minutes to make breakfast. I usually have a protein bar or a couple of eggs, but that's enough for me! It feels nice to have breakfast right after I wake up because it gets me going in the morning!
Ying R.
I eat about 20 minutes after I wake recently, I’m making progress from my previous habits. Had previously been a bit off with my time management, events and meals put off for periods of time are some examples – hope for improvement, starting from the first stepping stones <3
Michaela F.
I usually wake up and go to the bathroom and check my phone but then fourty minutes later I go eat breakfast. I’ve had some days where I struggled with eating breakfast but I’ve bored myself up to eat breakfast constantly
Jordyn N.
It get depends on the day! But usually between 15-30 minutes, unless I plan on working out. Then I work out before eating
Carrie X.
I eat my breakfast around almost one hour after. I wake up, drink my water, wash my self, stretch and then prep my food. I wake up pretty early.
Jose G.
I typically eat breakfast between 1-2 hours after I wake up. I like to have time to be awake so I work out beforehand. I also take my time to prepare a healthy filling breakfast to give me energy.
Aster Q.
I wake up around 4:50am so maybe at like 5:15am? It really depends on how fast i get ready and when i go running (which is around 5:20 – 5:30am). I hope that helps 🙂
Dana Z.
I usually drink my water and go to the bathroom when I wake up. Then I go down stairs and take out my dog and then eat breakfast so about 10-20 minutes