How long after waking up I should have my breakfast?

Hana E.
I tend to not eat breakfast, but I have been for this challenge. I'll have a piece of fruit about an hour after I wake up, this is when I'm walking out the door for my commute to work.
Rog Rio Z.
First wake up have a cup of hot water and start your daily workouts aond then walk and visit nature call and then bath and then you need to have your breakfast
Riley Z.
I generally wait no longer than an hour after I get out of bed. Sometimes I like to just lay in bed and rest more but as soon as I am up I try to get my day started and having breakfast really helps.
Oscar U.
probibly after 10-20 minutes bc at that time ur body and your mind is woken up and you feel better
Cl O P.
Don't start forgetting to eat breakfast in the morning. Get that as soon as your body wakes up.
Jackie G.
I should eat breakfast approximately 45 min to an hour after I wake up. This gives me time to prepare a healthy breakfast and not grab a quick easy less nutrious option.
Helenice S.
I have my breakfast about 30 minutes after waking up, I try and don3 rounds of sun salutations first and putting the porridge on before I practise.
Hadrien O.
Firstly; thank you for asking such a beneficial question. I recommend you to have breakfast after 30 minutes, because you also need to give yourself some time by appreciating yourself or by meditating,also don’t forget to drink water for a healthier life style. ❤️
Nicklas U.
I think this is a personal preference. You need to ask yourself, “ How much time do I have?” Some mornings I have breakfast within a half hour after of waking as I’m pressed for time whilst on others it could be after two hours or more!
I usually prefer the leisurely quiet and relaxed breakfasts, but then I’m luckily at the stage where I don’t have to get up early every day to go to work . I’m semi-retired and only go in two days a week!
But seriously I don’t think it matters how soon after waking you take breakfast as long as you eat a good healthy breakfast no matter how early or late it might be!
Mille G.
Sooner is always better, if I don’t have the appetite for a real breakfast I’ll have fruit or tea and let my appetite build.
Tammy U.
The prompt implies soon after meditation, but for me it is impossible for several reason: I've other things to do before starting officially my day. I usually have breakfast 45 minutes after meditation
Lukas E.
1hour..i have several things to do once I'm awake ie toilet,weigh myself, take a tablet, drink water, stretch, read, write… 1 hour gives me time.
Benjamin O.
That's probably mostly depending on how much time you have and how you feel. I'd say when you feel like it.
Marie Y.
This is a vague answer, but listen to when your body is telling you to eat. For me, breakfast is the last part of my morning routine. I like to eat somewhere between half an hour to an hour after waking up, as my stomach tends to feel a little queasy before I have drunk some water to get my digestive system going and moved around, but my boyfriend usually wakes up starving and breakfast is the first part of his morning routine. Do what feels right to you. My one hard and fast rule is to make sure you eat before leaving home, because arriving at work spacy and hangry is never a good start to the day. I keep bananas and plain yogurt on hand for a quick and easily digestible breakfast that won't upset my stomach if I need to run out the door. If exercise is a part of your morning routine also take that into consideration, you want to eat something light at least 15 minutes before any exercise.