Do you eat only chilled/room temperature foods in the morning or do you take time to cook/reheat some meal?

Martha O.
In general I prefer cold food. Always have. I think I'm lazy so its just a quick and easy thing for me to eat colder food that requires no cooking and in turn makes less mess.

Clarisse O.
It depends on the time I have and if I’m not too lazy this morning. I never reheat my breakfast but when I find the motivation I do a really easy pancakes recipe (which is 2 eggs, a banana mashed and oat).
But most of the time I admit I eat chill/room temperature food haha.

Bal Zs I.
Most of the time I eat chilled food however few times per week I make cooked or scrumbled eggs or frie an eggplant for instance.

Anast Cia T.
I usually take time in the morning to cook a nice breakfast, I also cook lunch and I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I can't help myself, 😅

Fred F.
I usually only eat warm meals in the morning dew to the fact that it is quite cold where I live. But a glass of cool water is amazing to kick start your day!

Briolanjo P.
To use my time most efficiently in the morning I make smoothies however on days when I am not so rushed I will make something like scrambled egg and/or beans on toast and a pot of fresh coffee. Whatever you find works for you I would suggest having a vareity.

Bj Rn S.
I usually eat chilled or room temperature foods but sometimes on the weekend I will take the time to cook something nice. It’s a lovely treat after a long week.

Iag E.
Moat of the time i cook or reheat them but some times that i dont have enough time i only eat chilled or romm temperature

Jackie Z.
I can only chilled room temperature food because that seems like a good meal for me to sit in my stomach for a good amount of minutes

Lloyd U.
I tend to not eat breakfast, but my brunch kind of meal is more dependent on the season. If it's a cold wet day then I'm more likely to be bothered to reheat/cook something. And likewise if it's stinking hot cereal does the trick.

Baptiste U.
Good question. Before, I used to cook my oatmeal but now, I know that you can eat it without cooking it. My morning routine is very long and it takes time to cook food so now I don't do it anymore. So I eat only room temperature foods.

Jonathan U.
I try my best to get a warm breakfast and hot tea when I wake up. Since I don't have too much time to make breakfast in the morning, I use instant otmeal. It's a lot better than other instant foods also!

Anna F.
I often cook breakfastfor myself, I've never really been a fan of cereal. I also feel accomplished when I make something for myself.

Naomi E.
ugh mostly I eat egg in yhr mornings first. yeah I eat sunny side up or omlett in the motnşng but O don't cook them my dad does. but if he wouldn't I would do O guess