I typically eat breakfast two hours after I wake up. If I am running late, I’ll eat breakfast four hours after I wake up. Is that okay? My alarm goes off at 4:30 am.

Andre S.
I typically wake up then get dressed go to the bathroom brushes theeths and hair then go down stairs and eat breakfast it till I get up to when I eat breakfast it takes me 30 mins to get ready
Johan C.
It’s ok! But if you are hungry during those four hours you should just eat something while you are running late like a bar or a banana
Duaa N.
I typically have breakfast at 9:30 am after two hours after I wake up at 7:30 am.
If I wake up late, I usually skip my breakfast
Almirodo F.
I think we should set a routine so we dont run late and follow the routine day by day and yeah…you won't run late and you can eat breakfast that's it
Mz S.
Yes, it's considered fasting which perfectly fine. I wake up at 6am and don't eat until 10am but I do drink water until it's time to break my fast
Fred E.
I would say this really depends on your hunger level. If you’re hungry but you’re running late, try and grab a piece of fruit or some kind of snack until you can get a full meal. I would suggest maybe making food ahead of time such as overnight oats. Just something easy to grab in the morning.
Flora B.
According to me it's okay bcz I usually does the same wakes at 5 and eat breakfast at 7.30,but I think there is time limit btw the time we wake up and the time we eat breakfast.
Sadra N.
My dear friend as you know the breakfast is the most meal of the day so it’s better to take it as soon as possible and if you are in hurry you can make your meal ready at night before sleeping or have some energy bars, fruits and egg. I primarily recommend EGGS it’s a complete package of what y your body needs.
Asmaa R.
To be honest I think anything before 9 is fine, but if your day starts really early you might need that breakfast energy a bit earlier…
It’s hard to function on an empty stomach 😸