How can I have a great breakfast while following the keto diet?

Taliciana P.
it’s easy! there are a bunch of different options for keto-dieters. and really tasty ones too. i recommend checking out keto dieter’s food entries and blogs. they usually have some interesting things to try out. just remember that a diet doesn’t stop you from eating, it just offers you new foods to eat!
Alma W.
Scrambled eggs, tuna salad, eggs on bacon, fried sausage with onion and cocktail tomatoes, asparagus with fried egg, avocado salad, avocado mousse with blueberries, chia with coconut milk with fresh fruits like strawberries or blackberries
Bertram P.
Well u can have something like a lettuce wrap or a fruit bowl but every once in a while its good to have a cheat day so then u can eat something like waffles hope this helped