What is you favourite on the go breakfast food?

Kurt S.
I dont eat on the go. I prefer to wait and eat at the office. If I would really have to, then a banana and oatmeal cookied would be my option…
Villads Z.
soylent! this stuff helped me through a serious eating disorder so i can't recommend it enough. it's nutritionally complete, quick and easy, and i never get tired of the chocolate flavor. the coffee ones are good too!
Sylvia U.
I make breakfast bars with a can of chickpeas or beans, 3 bananas, 4 eggs, cinnamon and other spices. I bake it at 400F for 40 minutes in a loaf pan and it makes 4 bars. I can then put them in fold top bags and grab one from the fridge.
Nikolaj W.
On the go would probably be either pop tarts or granola bars. I know those aren’t the healthiest in the world but they’re easy for going.
Stella O.
A banana or an apple are great and portable.

I also like making a smoothie to go. You can put anything you want in there so make sure it isn't just a bunch of sugary things. Add flax seeds, spirulina, chia seeds, kale or other greens. But reward yourself by including delicious fruit too. I use yogurt, orange juice, non dairy milk and a half a banana as a "base" and add frozen fruits to that. Various "superfoods" are available in powdered form, but can be expensive. I use whatever I have on hand. I have a portable single serving size blender so that helps make it an on the go option.

Peter Michael O.
My favourite is a cup of Greek yoghurt with granola and fresh berries. It gives me all the nutrients I need, including carbohydrates, vitamins, and calcium.
Sophia S.
If I’m in a hurry I’ll grab some cooked meat from the fridge and an apple. Eggs are an easy quick breakfast food. This week I’ve been starting my day off with an apple and making a breakfast sandwich with egg, sausage, cheese and a toasted English muffin. It takes about 5-10 minutes and it fills me up.
Marius Y.
I really enjoyed the protein pancakes from Kodiak cakes but yogurt and breakfast biscuits are feeling like enough. I'm going to do cottage cheese and pineapple next.
Esther J.
My favourite "On the go" breakfast would be a real good smoothie packed with all the vitamins and nutrients. As it is easy to carry in a tumbler, & doesn't take a lot of effort to make it and Also easy to drink it on the way. I use a lot of nutritional boosters like Chia Seeds, flax seed powder etc., Which doesn't just give an incredible flavor but also make it healthy.
H Lger P.
I’m making high protein muffins for the entire week, and every morning I’m worming one up. That + an apple is excellent
Diane O.
I usually make smoothies -spinach (frozen)- 3 oz, zucchini squash 3oz, fruit(frozen) 3oz, seeds 1 tbsp, protein powder (I use isopure chocolate), nut butter(my favorite is Maranatha coconut almond butter) — the smoothie is so good and easy to take with you in the car etc…
I also like prepped egg muffins (so many recipes online) or a breakfast burrito (I like beans potato, onion, pepper, egg, cheese, salsa, Pico). Grill the burrito when all folded it makes all the difference . Wrap in foil and go!
Friedericke X.
Toast, you can add as much (if you’re hungry) or as little (if you’re in a rush) and you’re still jump starting your body for the day with no stress
Dawn T.
Smoothies! I buy frozen fruit, which I get out to defrost the night before, and blend it up in the morning with yoghurt, a splash of milk and some honey.
Gomes Z.
A banana if I'm really in a hurry, but also I like the make overnight oats the night before, and I can eat them on the bus
Alma P.
I usually cook egg and put aside every day something different such as cheese, sausage or maybe avocado or any vegetable
Naja A.
A shake would be perfect – personally I love mixing protein powder with banana and soy milk. Together I will eat some walnuts to add texture diversity.
David F.
A banana and granola bar, because they are quick and easy and are also healthy, they also supply enough calories to last until lunch without being super unhealthy
Marc S.
Definitely a tropical smoothie or any smoothie to be honest. They are really refreshing and full of great vitamins and helps you feel full for longer
Ermit Rio P.
If I’m walking somewhere, then peanut butter on toast, and maybe a banana in my bag for later. I tried nuts for awhile, but it feels better to have a more solid meal in the morning, at least for me. If I’m in a huge rush I’ll take a granola bar, but that isn’t really enough food.
Elise Z.
I always drink smoothie for breakfast, and when I am out of town (so I dont have my blender) then I eat fruit. It is simple and I dont have to think about what to eat too much. I always buy smoothie ingredients when i go food shopping. Frozen banana or frozen fruit make it easy because it can stay long in the freezer, and if you forgot to buy fruit for smoothie you can use them. I also keep a jar of seeds that I like to include in my smoothie. Nut butter, protein powder, you can make it fancy as you want or simple as you want, depend on the situation and what you have.
Darryl U.
My favourite to go breakfast is usually raisin bread toast with peanut butter I like this because it is nutritious it fills you up and it is pretty tasty if I don’t have this I would probably have a blueberry waffle with nothing on top and I always have either a glass of water for breakfast with that or a cup of orange juice
Storm C.
Ideally I would want a shake prepared the night before, but I’ll snag a muscle milk and banana to get me started if I’m in a rush.
Gerold Q.
Whey Protein Smart bar from PHD. The one with caramel and white chocolate is aaaaawesom (Smart Bar ‘Blondie’). Another is a smoothybowl with ie fruit and penutbutter in a glass jar. Mmmmmm don’t forget some pieces of almonds. Or am eggwrap. Enjoy!
Florence F.
I like to have either a flavourful soup or a sandwich of some sort. I usually have a bit of tea with my meal and a glass of water to finish up.

If it's an extra busy morning, I have cereal or granola.

Janine O.
Whole grain sourdough toasted with tahini, sliced tomato and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds. Sal, pepper and a tiny dribble of olive pile and white balsamic vinegar. Yum!