What’s a good strategy for making your habits stick? Some days I make breakfast, other days I roll out of bed late and miss breakfast time altogether. I can never stay consistent with my goals. Any advice?

Alberto E.
The key is just to start doing it, the time ur alarm annoys you don’t roll yourself, think about how it would be if you don’t wake up, and think about how it would be when you wake up and do the things you’re meant to do and things you know you can make the “future you” in..
Alexandra P.
Know it's okay to make mistakes, we are human and not perfect. If you know that then perhaps you would not feel you let yourself down which is a big demotivator.
Another thing, those days when you miss breakfast, have brunch instead. A protein bar or a smoothie on your way to work. And knowing that sometimes you wake up late ask yourself if you get enough sleep and plan to go to bed earlier, if you can. Making plans and keeping them is rewarding! Good luck! You can do it!
Janet W.
Always write down what your going to do for the next day and tick it off when your done, you will feel better accomplishing tasks and get into a routine
Nino P.
I always try to keep myself motivated, at each step I always try to remember my initial motivation that gave me the kick-start. Another thing is to always make preparations that are needed to complete that specific habit that I am trying to stick to or add into my routine. For example, I am trying to stick to drinking water every morning. A habit I failed sticking to many times in my past attempts. This time I started with putting a glass of water on my bedside table every night. Like this I was able to stick to it. These preparation tasks (-or subtasks) are usually easier to achieve and they make it easier for you to stick to that specific habit. And it also makes me feel better as I complete another task :):):):)
Ida I.
I think a good strategy is to wake up early. This doesn’t mean waking up at six a.m. and immediately eating breakfast but waking up early helps me plan my day in a way. I set my alarm at around eight a.m. (unless I have somewhere to be) and try not to snooze my alarm too many times. I sometimes stay in bet for quite a while and read if I’m feeling tired but I also sometimes get out of bed to drink a glass or water. I think waking up at a specific time in the morning makes me feel as if I have accomplished something and I use that energy to continue with my morning routine, even if I stay in bed til ten or eleven a.m. and eat my breakfast then.
Inga C.
Writing a list the night before of your exact morning routine and having it by your bed so it's the first thing you see when you wake up instead of your phone. Have a set time that you wake up and set plan
Amalia A.
Wow, thank u for asking me. Actually, I'm not a person that could give u advice because I'm still trying too. I'm often questioning myself like what do you want, are you really want to change urself and live better. I think that's a kinda reminder for me. However, in ur case, you seem to wake up late sometimes? umm yeah, I think u can start to wake up earlier. I know it's hard T_T but try it. I usually wake up at 5 or 5.30 (it's already late in fact because I have to pray around that time) in the morning though I go to bed late. I will back to sleep maybe around 8 or 9 if I really need to have more sleep. So I won't miss my breakfast. I hope you understand what I mean😭.
Alyssia O.
i feel like a good way to make habits stick is to realize the change they’ll cause (to the better) in the long run… consistency is a tricky thing, i say make the habit fun and easy, less of a chore, so when on a hard day it actually feels like a chore… you push yourself to do it. also as for breakfast and MANY other tiny habits i think one of the keys is starting your day early, so work at that
Yaalini C.
You need to plan a day before. You have to forget your painful past and get ready for a greatful future. Not only planning is enough, you have to follow it with great responsibility. If your heart is standard and have determination to do the right, then you can boldly set up your foot in to the future. Which will lead you to maintain the habit properly.🌟
Craig Z.
My advice to you is put a reminder on your phone and then u will remember + put a water bottle beside your bed. And then u will build healthy habits like me
Ling Y.
It's ok if this happens sometimes, no need to feel disappointed in yourself. This also happens to me too, everyone gets lost in some point of their life right? But of course sticking to your habits are really good and helpful. One of my ways to try and stay consistent is to try and motivate myself. I would scroll on my Pinterest boards and look at some positive affirmations or just remind myself about the lifestyle I would like to live. I also would start on little things like making your bed or read a book, take a shower or just drinking water!Of it is course easier siad than done but if it doesn't work many times then I think it's time to take a break and look back on how you are doing and if your routine is fitting to your lifestyle. Maybe it's time to try something new or switching up the orders of your routine. Don't need to hesitate to try new thing to make it fit in place to your lifestyle and create the perfect habits for you. As a reminder everyone's life is different so it's ok to not follow the "perfect" morning routine on tik tok or YouTube, everyone has their own definition of perfect.
Caroline Z.
Sometime that happens to me as well, but honestly the key is not to give up! Even if you take a few minutes to buy something at work or bring something with you to work, but the goal should be to keep trying to have breakfast no matter how late you think it is. Eventually your brain will see the importance of it. I hope that helps.
Vanessa N.
To me what helped me the most was finding out the amount of sleep my body actually needed, I don’t know of this makes sense to you. And another thing that helps sleep better and awake up with much more energy is looking around me and the the world for every little thing because being grateful makes me feel much more light. Hope I could help and know that it doesn’t click right away you have to keep on trying and remember you are amazing just for trying!
Tess Y.
I know how you feel! This happens to me all the time. What I like to do is make a to do list the day before and if I complete it, I treat myself to something special, like going out for boba!
Elmer P.
I think a good idea is to go to bed earlier. And Also not ising phones Up to bedtime. It Will make you way more fresh at the morning.
Brandon O.
Make is easier for yourself to keep your habits. Plan the day before, like prepping your breakfast the night before so you don't have as many steps to take the next day.