How do you have an appetite when you wake up?

Matheus Z.
I try to not grab dinner late the day before so my body can consume the major nutrients before going bed. When sleeping, the body swaps hormone syntesis to others functions rather than a fully-working nutrient consumption. Having a late meal at night will give less time to my body to digest all the food and, as a consequence, I will wake up the next day feeling full. Also, it is recommended to eat easy digesting dinners so that you can remain sure you will not wake belly-filled
Hans Wilhelm S.
When you are eating late at night and staying up, you are more inclined to not want food when you wake up. By eliminating that want for food at night, your appetite will grow in the morning.
Gloria Z.
I don't really have an appetite when I wake up but when I think of my favourite breakfast, which is oatmeal 😂, I just went straight for it!!
Jonas B.
Sometimes dont, i dont always eat straight away and I try eat the brekky which best suits how my stomach is feeling that morning
Melanie W.
I start the day with drinking one glass of water.
I might add some lemon to my morning water.
One day I eat garlic ( rare ofc ) and the other day I eat and apple.
The breakfast comes after this including peanut butter , honey , jam , bread , coffee and milk.
Dorico I.
Sorry I don't have an extra long detailed answer for you. Eating in the morning is the most difficult thing for me. I start with a glass of water and my gummy vitamins. From there, I really just encourage myself and push myself to make a smoothie or at least eat a yogurt with some nuts or cheese. It's tough. After a while your body will let you know it's craving that morning time food. Hope this helps!
Alexandra S.
I don't i alwaya wake up starving. But maybe you can eat less on the previous night or something that is not so "heavy". Sorry i can't do more for you
Stephan J.
When I first wake up, I am not hungry. Usually, to gain an appetite, I get up and move around a bit to get my body going. Then, if I’m still not hungry, as dumb as this sounds, I watch videos about food to get myself hungry.
Kelly W.
I usually don't have an appetite when I wake up, I always have to motivate myself to eat because I feel more energized after eating breakfast
Cristina N.
I am actually always so hungry when I wake up. I think what contributes to that is that I always make me something tasty for breakfast. I like avo an eggs on toast, coffee is a must, but I also really like green tea, if I have time I sometimes make myself some french toast or oatmeal with a bit of jam.
E R.
Usually if you haven't eaten for 10 or 12 hours and have slept well, you will be hungry. If you had a late dinner or ate snacks into the night you may not be hungry right away.
Freddie Q.
I try to eat as lightly as possible for dinner, usually opting for soup and a small salad, or instead of the salad, a low fat Greek yogurt. That way when I wake up the next morning, I’m feeling hungry ! Sometimes, if I’ve eaten a large meal for lunch (like from a buffet), or had a really late lunch, I will definitely skip dinner so I can eat breakfast normally the next morning. Besides, going to sleep with a full belly isn’t easy on yourself, you can get nightmares, insomnia and even heartburn / acid reflux.
Nereu Q.
To have an appetite after i woke up, i need first to check my social media accounts and wait for 1hr or 30mins before i have my breakfast
Beverley P.
When I wake up I don’t normally feel like eating and it feels gross but I know I will need it for the rest of the day so I do it anyway
Susanna Q.
I am 15 years old so I’m still growing, however I do activities in the morning like exercise and meditate and that way it makes me hungry. Sometimes I don’t feel hungry in the morning but I know that I have to eat in order to fuel my body before school, even something light 🙂
Pastel N.
Personally, I build an appetite by drinking a bit of water when I wake up because water doesn't have a taste so it would make me long for something that has taste. I really hope that helped
Linkin Z.
I have a small appetite, but it would have to be something with juice in it to make me full but not too full… Something like fruit gives me something to drink n eat, keeps me full till lunch
Ev Ncio W.
Honestly, I don't. That's probably not a very good answer but I'm never really hungry in the mornings. I just tell myself that I have to eat and then find something that seems like a nice portion to where I won't be uncomfortably full but will still have something in my stomach.
Barbara W.
After doing some exercises, try to make cook or make breakfast such as pancakes or crepes with fruit as a reward for the hard work.
Amalie C.
I'm generally not very hungry right after i wake up. as time passes i get hungrier tho. i usually eat breakfast 1-2 hours after i wake up. sometimes i need a little bit more to feel completely full, and sometimes i just need more time for my body to realize i am not hungry. it really depends
Alexandra G.
I try to eat early in the evening and after my last meal, I don't eat anymore. I also try to get enough sleep. By the time I will get up in the morning , I am usually hungry.
Magn Lia S.
I have always had problems in connection to food, and I still do to this day. But I have recently discovered that I have a thyroid condition, and it also affects my appetite (among other things) – so by taking the right medications, I have gained the ability to feel hunger again! I still struggle with actually eating, but that is the next step.