I want to lose weight but I’m also a student. What kind of breakfast should I eat?

In S Z.
What i realized is that it doesn't matter what you eat, it matters how much you eat. I lost 35 pounds by just eating less, one portion each meal. So if you really want to lose weight and keep it off, you just need to eat less. Just eat one portion for each meal and if your hungry in between then have one snack
Judith P.
I am also a student so I know the importance of time and expense. I try to keep granola and fruit on hand so that if I don’t have enough time to cook in the morning, I can throw something healthy in my bag on my way out the door. I’ve also found it helps to pack a breakfast and have it ready for myself the night before so that I have no excuse not to take it with me to campus!
Denise U.
Try fresh Fruit, with natural yoghurt. Add chia seeds. Or a boiled egg with a grain bread. Avocado on toast. A big glass of water. Think about portion size. Porridge in winter, made quickly in the microwave. One step at a time and progress will follow. Good luck!
Kent J.
You could always eat something small and/or potable. A bagel is good for fiber and with cream cheese there is calcium. You could also eat fruit which is healthy and good on the go. Also eggs aren’t that expensive but do supply good nutrition.
Francis O.
Overnight oatmeal is the trick. Add some hemp seed and ground flax seed and honey as the base. The steel cut oats hold up best and don’t get too mushy. I use almond milk since milk causes inflammation and I get congested from it. There are so many ways to make it, search for what you like. Every Sunday layout 5-7 Masson jars to ensure you are set for the week. Good luck!
Abby T.
Eggs are such a great breakfast full of protein! If you want a bit more in your breakfast with eggs, add 1-2 pieces of multigrain toast. Delicious!
Leah E.
Hi, a good breakfast is one that is well balanced with all major nutrients. Ensure to pack it with more proteins to help curb hunger
Angelo P.
I am also a student and know how hard it can be to eat healthy. I found myself not eating breakfast. This caused me to snack more and more through the day. Eating something filling like eggs or oatmeal is such an amazing option. Pinterest is your best friend when you need healthy recipes.
Catamina Y.
If your a student, and find your self in class. The best way to lose Waite is limit calories intake and drink water. Stay away from empty calories found in snack food. Such as chips, crackers, candy, cereal. You'll want to go for whole foods with low Suger content… plenty of great articals on what to eat! Secondly when you feel hungry many times it's your body feeling dehydrated. Drink water!
Alma P.
I think you should eat healthy breakfast, which means that you need to prepare for it and make time to do food. Eggs are good protein source, which means you will have longer range of energy through the day. I eat apples with peanut butter (which is also a good source of protein) . I am a sporty student with slim figure (if that helps). Good luck! But remember, do not starbe yourself!!! Lots of love
Alberte Y.
You have to make shure there are Some omega supplements in the food. It’s Good for your brains en they give you energy on long therm.
Pablo T.
One multigrain toast with peanut butter and a fruit or two eggs boiled (cook while you get dress)with a toast and a fruit. Wishing you success.
Aurore P.
Stay away from starchy foods and carbs as much as possible. Incorporate more fruits, vegetables and water in your diet and you will be fine
Eberhard E.
Oatmeal can be a great breakfast that is not very expensive but can keep you satisfied through lunch. The calories are low, but it has Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid and various other healthy vitamins and daily necessities. There are also so many varieties that you are bound to find at least one you enjoy the taste of.
Jovan F.
Breakfast should be a big meal, with fibre and protein to help keep you full. Toast with peanut butter and banana is great, or porridge with fruit and nuts. Museli and yoghurt, a green smoothie, or even an omlette with fresh vegetables, avocado, and rye toast.
Marc C.
According to me, you should have a balanced breakfast made of carbs, proteins and fats. For example, you should have a yoghurt combined with a slice of whole bread and some of jam! Let’s try!
Justino Q.
Eggs are a great foundation for breakfast. High in protein and low in carbs so you will feel full longer. Other easy ways to strip the calories include avoiding pastries (which will crash your blood sugar later) and going easy on the sugar and coffee creamer.
Lois I.
To loose weight drink a kale or spinach smoothie there are many different recipies . They are quick and easy to drink at school or in the car. They will also help you loose weight without exercising in the morning and you are still eating something for breakfast
Isildo Z.
I would do low fat milk with whole grain oatmeal(without added sugar), adding some berries or fruits to that. These is a fast meal because you don’t have as much time in the morning due to your student status, but it has everything you need to feel energized till lunch and keeps your calories low.
Silje W.
I didn't eat very well in college but looking back I wish I would have and I know I could have. Oatmeal is great and inexpensive along with some dried fruit and yogurt. I do it now and find it's a fast, healthy, cheap way to kick-start my day 🙂
Georgia N.
Oatmeal, bananas, almond milk, berries, orange juice, better no coffee 🙂 Add some hemp seeds, cacao nibs or maca powder for more energy
Roger C.
You should eat something like oats without any added sugars, with low fat milk or low fat yoghurt. For the beginning phase preferably you should measure out 3-4 tbs of oats in the milk. Later on you could add a few unsalted almonds, a tsp of flaxseed, a half banana, a tbs of gojiberry, a tsp of honey etc. Not everything together, moderation is the key! If you put a lot of things in your breakfast you should make sure that you are going to work out during the day.
Ellen Z.
Sometimes people go with a low carb diet, but I would calculate your macros. There are free calculators online you can use and it tells you percentage of carbs/fats/proteins to have in your diet for your weight loss goals based on your body type and lifestyle. But bets rule or thumb is to cut out or severely limit added sugar. So I would definitely stay away from things like cereal, it’s just carbs and sugar and then you crash later. I would go with something like a veggie omelette, nuts and fruit, if you do a fruit smoothie make sure to put some protein in too like a protein powder or nut butter. You could do plain oatmeal and have fruit and nuts and some raw honey on it which has a lower glycemic index and is better for you than sugar. Hope that helps! 😊
Micheal Y.
Oatmeal with berries…. if it's in your budget you can get fresh ones or frozen ones which are less expensive. Add some coconut shavings on top with cinnamon!
Frederik Z.
There are plenty of healthy foods that help you maintain your health that are affordable! Grapefruit is a perfect fruit that helps curve cravings and burn fat; so anything you can use with this ingredient. Also, you can have fruit bowls, veggies and hummus, avocado toast, smoothies (my go tois pineapple, coconut water, ginger, mango) helps with bloating, digestion, and hydration! Meal prep is essential as well. I’d recommend taking an hour every Sunday or a light day so just it done! Good luck and hope that helps!
Maja Z.
I'm a Nursing Student. My typical morning for workout before school is oatmeal with high protein milk and fruit. It's long lasting energy, to remain focused and I won't be hungry for a while.
Melinda C.
Things you can prepare the night before and/or quickly in the morning. For example, have a few hard boiled eggs already peeled and ready to go. Have packed veggies or fruits in a snack bag, pre-cut, so you can grab and go. This way you can mix up your breakfast by what you feel like that day. Also avocado toasts are always good.
Melissa E.
I’m a student as well. I’ve been doing strawberries and bananas with peanut butter. Oranges too now to mix it up. So the fruits are a great, solid breakfast. The peanut butter helps your body absorb the fruits slower giving you more energy throughout the morning. This is what I’ve been doing for 18 days straight and it has been working great.
Frederike Z.
A healthy breakfast will kickstart your day and you will be less likely to eat unhealthy snacks
For example
Egg, cheese, cucumber sandwich
Granola, fruit, milk or yogurt
Green smoothie
Humous and cucumber sandwich
Layla W.
You should eat some eggs, eggs are a great source or protein or a smoothie. A smoothie will fill you up and it’s so healthy for you
Luc Lia F.
Being a student can be tough but fruit is cheap, cheaper than you might expect. Eggs and crumpets are also pretty cheap and great for the weekend. My weekday breakfast as a student was a yoghurt and a piece of fruit, both munched on the way to campus
Marlene J.
Scrambled eggs! Super high protein and super cheap. You can also add something like frozen hash browns for healthy carbs (potatoes!) and cheap fruit like bananas, apples, and oranges.
Silke Z.
A small bowl of oatmeal is a good idea, but eggs are better, and usually consistently available in college dining facilities. Add some grapefruit if you like the taste and aren’t on medications. Also, a cup of coffee in the morning does no harm, and may even be good for your health.
Conrado Q.
I premake breakfast sandwiches for the week and freeze them! I do English muffins, eggs, and cheese! I also keep fruit in the fridge so I can wash it and be ready to go!
Amber O.
Take time to make easy batch breakfast items ahead of time. I love making egg and veggie mini omelettes that I can grab while I’m heading out the door. Healthy muffins or hard boiled eggs are a good option. If you are in a dorm room keep it simple with some nuts for protein and a piece of fruit.
Marie Y.
Try instant oatmeal, it saves you some time and provides you with adequate amount of fibre & calories for enough energy throughout your morning classes. Adding in peanut butter or brown sugar can give it more flavour.
Kylian N.
I feel that as a student myself. I find it really helpful to buy in bulk wherever you can and meal prepping is a godsend. I buy lots of porridge and oats and often do overnight oats in the morning. There are plenty of recipes for it online that are delicious. You prep what you can the night before and often for the whole week ahead so you can get up and go the next morning. Try and see if you can convince some of your friends to get a Costco membership as a group, it takes off a big charge on you.
Good luck!
Kelya E.
You should eat a breakfast you like and a breakfast you have the time to (and want to) prepare. I really like overnight oats, because it takes little time in the morning (I'm not a morning person)
Abdul F.
The best breakfast for a student is something that is quick and also filling. The key to that is to use ingredients you already have at home like eggs, bread, cheese, smoked meats and oats. You can hard boil eggs at the beginning of the week and have them ready to eat with cheese or bread. Or prep oatmeal ahead of time and have some basic toppings ready like bananas, berries and apples. For vegan options, lentils and beans are great with hummus and some spinach or lettuce in a wrap. Maybe oatmeal but with water or plant based milk. Also smoothies are great but make sure to add some type of nut butter in there to ensure that there is enough healthy fats and protein to keep you full. Protein shakes could also work too. Leftovers are great for the next day’s lunch or breakfast.
Allie Z.
Find a way to make oatmeal that you can tolerate if it’s not your thing because I swear that’s probably the best breakfast you could have and it’s super cheap. I once forgot to eat lunch because I was still so full from my oatmeal in the morning, it really fills you up especially with some ground flax seed or chia seed in it, those are healthy fats and they give you good energy too! My favorite is apple pie oatmeal, I use some vanilla and cinnamon and a whole small apple (easy to swipe from the cafeteria) and chop it up, microwave the oats with half of the apple and then put the rest in after it’s cooked so you get two textures. Delicious
Noah U.
I am not a nutritionist. I can only tell you what I have begun to eat. Publix caries a Bolthouse Farms “non-dairy plant protein milk that is also unsweetened. I hav