At what time in particular do you eat your breakfast?

Izabela F.
I set my alarm for 6 wake up around 6:30 and usually eat around 6:40-7:00 since I’ve got to leave for work within the 7 range I have to eat within that time
Rimara Z.
On school days I eat my breakfast after praying and getting ready mostly at 7:26 only for 4 min, i'm trying to make more time for it, most of the time I don't get to it. On Weekends , I also eat my breakfast after praying the only difference I don't change my clothing, I simply wear my pyjamas.
Aila Z.
i would say 10 – 30 minutes after i wake up, but it really depends on when your hungry. the best thing you could do is just to listen to your body
Noemie O.
No specific time, I wait for my body to tell me when it’s hungry, and that’s when I feed it! But that’s usually within an hour of waking up. 🙂
Marilda F.
If I'm going to school, I eat breakfast at around 6:45
If I slept at an appropriate time when I dont go to school I eat breakfast around 8 or 9
If I slept late, I eat breakfast at around 11:00
Rosmarie F.
Unfortunately, I don't have a particular time to have breakfast everyday due to my lectures but I usually eat it between 10 a. m and 1 :30 p. m. I eat that late because l drink milk and eat some biscuits before going to my university.
Tyra N.
I wake up at 7 am do my work out by 8am in between the time I may make a smoothie but mostly I wait till after my workout session. .so I would say between 8:30 and 9am .